Why Are Children So Obsessed With Jaisalmer Desert Camps

Why Are Children So Obsessed With Jaisalmer Desert Camps

Planning a vacation with family and children? Gift them a desert camp holiday in Jaisalmer. Enjoy the sparkle on the faces as you announce the tour. Well, don’t just announce it; get them involved in the preparation for the trip. Get them to explore more about Jaisalmer and the desert from the internet and the books. And as for yourself, just book your Jaisalmer Tour Package with Royal Adventure Tours to enjoy a relaxed holiday with family.

Jaisalmer Rajasthan Tour Packages will let you explore the Golden City with its culture and skilled architecture intact and preserved. The majestic fort, the giant havelis, the Jain and the Hindu temple, the war museum and many such places in the city are worth seeing. The city is a declared World Heritage Site. But your children will still be waiting for their favorite, the desert camp.

Desert Camps – An Obsession for the Children

The desert camp has many thrills for the children. It would be the first time for many of them as well as yours.

A New Atmosphere

Children might have been to their relatives’ places and might have stayed in hotels. But staying overnight in the desert in the tent would definitely be a new thing for them. Though arid and dry in the days and cold at nights, it still is staying close to nature.

Fascinating Tent Accommodation

So far, children might have just read about Jaisalmer Desert Camp in storybooks and comics. Staying in the tent would be like bringing their storybooks and comics to reality. The experience will also improve their knowledge about living in such atmosphere. It will also impact their skills for adaptability and adjustability. And of course, there will be more to share with friends.

Camel Safaris

Riding the camels in the desert would be quite an adventure for the children. The bumpy rides sitting on the camelback holding the hump would be quite an experience for your children. Feeding the camels and posing with them for the photographs would be other things of joy for them.

Cultural Programs and Bonfire

Watching the cultural programmes around the bonfire on the TV and cinemas and attending them in person is so different. Your children will definitely love the idea of the dance and music performed by the artists and the ornated camels in the evening outside the camp.

So do not deprive them of the experiences and book your desert camp in Jaisalmer for the coming autumn or winter vacation.

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