Carbon Fiber Sunglasses-A Fashion Freak’s Delight

Ray-Ban has always been a brand that evolves from time to time to suit the needs of all age groups. To cater to the preferences of clients who have a strong liking both in fashion and technology, it has recently launched Tech, a new line of carbon fiber sunglasses. Seven layers of carbon fiber have been combined with resin, before applying water cuts so as to create various parts of the frame. As a result, these sunglasses are strong and flexible, yet light in weight. The lenses provide a clear view even in high and low light. They don’t have washout colors which is a common problem with other lenses. So, they are suitable for use in water sports, golfing as well as driving purpose.

Its titanium temples ensure a high level of comfort and flexibility. Produced from a material that is usually used in racing cars and aeronautics, the carbon fiber sunglasses have extraordinary rigidity apart from a high strength to weight ratio. Produced with the help of avant-garde production techniques, the pair has been developed keeping in sync with Ray-Ban’s history and ultra modern processes. A patented hyper-technological process has been adapted for this purpose.

The USP of carbon fiber lies in the fact that it is a durable, yet a very light material. It comes with a very fine, threadlike structure. The wrap-up temples of the pair have been reinforced using polyester resin sheets.Tech’s unbreakable lightness goes well with the interesting features. The presence of P3(polycarbonate) and P3 PLUS(crystal) lenses ensures effective protection from polarization, with more lively and high definition colors. An anti-reflective coating has also been used to resolve the issue of glare and provide optimum protection to eyes from harmful UV rays.

But keep one thing in mind. The curvature and shape may require adjustments. If you face such an issue, then you can have the issue resolved by getting in touch with the retailer. As in case of other lenses, the sunglasses come with an etched ‘’RB’’ on the left lens. So, you shouldn’t confuse it as a scratch or defect. To compare different models available under the Tech collection, you can take the help of online e-commerce websites. This will help you to take a wise decision as a buyer and ensure that the sunglasses that you opt for provide a high quality of service.

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