Calm Your Inquisitiveness: 6 Reasons That Drive Art Collectors To Invest In Artworks

Calm Your Inquisitiveness: 6 Reasons That Drive Art Collectors To Invest In Artworks

“Art never fails to fascinate.”

The above statement is absolutely true but for many, art is more than what meets the eye. These people see art not just from their eyes but from their soul. They might not be able to make the most beautiful artworks, but they love collecting them. Yes! They are fondly called as the art collectors.

This article is for those, who are curious to know the reasons which drive art collectors to collect art. Though every art collector has his own specific reason of doing so, here are few of the general reasons that give a bird eye’s view in the psychology of art collectors in general.

For joining an art community- Joining an art community might not be one of the original motives of any art collector but as he dives deep into the world of art he develops a deep desire to increase the horizons of his knowledge about art. For the same reason, they buy paintings online or offline to increase their collection in order to get acceptance and validation in the community. Hence, they join an art community where they can meet and greet many like-minded people. 

For expressing emotions- Each and every painting, even if it’s not abstract, has some meaning or emotion attached to it. An artist while making a painting always has a certain emotion or thought behind it which creates the physical beauty of the artwork. The final painting or artwork may be delivering different emotions to the art collector. If the collector is going through a phase of melancholy in his life, he will feel associated with the artworks which will be conveying the same emotion hence, will collect similar artworks as a means of expressing and releasing his emotions. 

Calm Your Inquisitiveness: 6 Reasons That Drive Art Collectors To Invest In Artworks

For decorating their spaces- In the beginning, the prime motive of a novice art collector is to adorn his living or working space. While curating the best kind of artworks for their spaces, their interest starts growing even more. This is how their love for art increases which turns them into an art collector. 

For showing their love for an artist- For art collectors, hunting good artworks is something they enjoy the most. However, amidst all the hustle of finding appropriate artworks, some of them feel a deep connection with a particular painting style of a distinctive artist. This is what glues them to one artist and collecting their artworks becomes their goal as an art collector.

For showing their personality – Just like the shoes of a person can tell a lot about his personality, similarly, the artworks in the spaces of an art collector tells a lot about his or her personality. Paintings are a mirror to an art collectors’ true self. The ascendants of kings and queens mostly have royal paintings. The ones who are really calm and serene, hang landscape paintings and the one who are very cheerful and full of energy, often have paintings with the brightest colors.

For passing to their heir- Our parents often show us jewelries or any other belongings that are ancestral and are have been given by our grandparents to them. For people who collect art, paintings are their most treasurable ancestral property which they proudly pass on to their future generations.

For the joy of it-  Art collectors love collecting art because they enjoy doing it. Before adding any artwork to their collection, they research to know its story and check if it will go well with their existing collection.

Some of the art collectors buy exquisite paintings online while others prefer to buy them from art galleries. Art collectors are like the goldsmiths who can search for true treasure even from the darkest mines. The aforesaid points are the most general reasons for the art collectors to invest in masterpieces. Moreover, if you too are thinking of embarking on this journey of collecting art, then let us know in the comments your reasons of becoming an art collector.

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