Business Bytes: Common Tech Problems Your Company Might Run Into

Technology is pervasive and now impacts businesses both large and small. Both hardware and software are now available to and affordable for all, and technological advances have done much to aid in productivity and data management. Unfortunately, as many say, “It’s a gadget. Gadgets break.” Having technology means having technological troubles at some point. Here are a few that businesses run into often.

Business Bytes Common Tech Problems Your Company Might Run Into

The Technology Treadmill

Embracing technology is a must in today’s competitive marketplace, but once you do you’ll be in a state of constant motion. Technology is always changing and advancing, which is a blessing for those needing new and better ways to perform certain tasks but a curse when you’re forced to buy software yet again only to discover it won’t work with your existing infrastructure. The key to clearing this hurdle is to plan upgrades carefully to minimize backwards compatibility issues. Upgrade only when you truly need to and do so carefully.

Security Problems

It seems there are stories in the news every day about hackers attacking large retailers and stealing customer information. Even small businesses often store credit card data, credit information and other sensitive data that cybercriminals could take advantage of. These businesses are all at risk of cyberattacks and other security problems. These problems can include ransomware attacks, which a specialist from LANDESK says use malicious email attachments and links to install malware on computers. Never assume that you’re too small to be an attractive target for hackers or that your security is good enough. Invest in highly rated software programs, develop policies and procedures for data protection and periodically audit your security measure to ensure they stay current as technology changes.

Outdated Technology

Though you should update only when you need to and not be lured by shiny but potentially unnecessary perks of new tech, it is important to upgrade when you need to. Truly outdated technology is often slow, clumsy and frustrating to use. It is estimated that updating old technology alone can allow your employees to be 5% more productive each day. You need not jump on every technological advance as it trends, but do listen when employees express frustration and current systems make it clear they’re no longer up to the task.

Improper Data Backup

Critical data is, by definition, critical to the operation of a business. According to TechRepublic, the chances of a business failing within the next two years jump to an astounding 90% when critical data is lost and not recovered. Fifty percent are forced to fold as soon as the data is lost. If these statistics haven’t prompted you to fire off an email to your IT department and make sure you’re backup systems are adequate, check your pulse. It is absolutely imperative that your backup systems be reliable and properly utilized to back-up the right data on an ongoing basis. Backup systems are not an arena in which you want to bargain shop.

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