Bi Folding Doors That Are Made To Precision

Solarlux is a worldwide name for bi folding doors that are designed to perfection to suit varieties of needs. Solarlux bi folding doors are popular, as they create seamless transitions, to enjoy the nature throughout the year. The appealing transparency, both interior and exterior, and the use of filigree technology make these doors look aesthetically pleasing while helping to improve the quality of life by having your living space extended to a larger dimension.

Bi Folding Doors That Are Made To Precision

Systems :

The systems of these bi folding doors include:

· Aluminium Systems – These systems, which include the bi folding glass doors are the perfect solutions for facades and winter gardens. These doors are designed to be non heat insulated and offer convenient ventilation The panels are designed to be tilted and turned both inwards and outwards, giving options of opening them in different ways.

· Wood and Aluminium Systems – Outstanding quality and timeless designs are the hallmark of these Wood and Aluminium system bi folding doors. These doors are conveniently integrated with locking systems and handles that protect against burglary and weather calamities.

· Wood System – These systems in bi folding doors made by Solarux are perfectly designed to meet the individual demands of customers.

Advantages :

The Solarlux bi folding doors are designed to make the interior full of natural light, giving you a sense of freedom and a clear view of the outside. These doors have a wide range of applications which include entry into balconies and facades and being installed in commercial places. The living area is beautified and the expanse of the internal area gives a feeling of abundant space. The quality of these doors is of high standards, designed with features for self cleaning and sound insulation. With an option to choose from a range of designs, these doors integrate seamlessly into your living area, giving the interior a look of elegance, beauty and visually appealing.

Unique Designs :

As the best alternative to hinged doors, you will find these door stylish, practical and made of high quality materials, which not only increases the room décor but also stands as exemplary pieces of artistic furniture. There are the ones made of raw timber with immaculate meranti finish and the doors which are custom made and fitted with either clear or white translucent glass, according to your choice. Fitted with high quality hinges, each of these doors is highly durable because of the solid hardwood or aluminium frame and weather seals. Sidelights are available with these doors on request. These doors open easily and gently close without making any noise and their security provides you with full value of your money.You also have the advantage of making these doors, double glazed and custom made according to your requirements. Door measurements and quotes are available on request at no extra cost. You can check out the specifications of the Solarlux bi folding doors when you visit their website. Attractive features, guaranteed security and easy installation make these doors extremely popular in the market, for which, Solarux is a name to reckon with.

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