Best Tablets of 2015 That Makes Learning Easy for Students

There is no denying in the fact that tablets are of great use and help for the students in learning right from the elementary school till graduation. However, let us be honest, the tablets with their heavy price tags it is not affordable for all parents. But there are plenty of tablets today in the market that come with an affordable price tag.
In the past few years, the tablets companies have realized the huge market potential for the designing tablets especially for the students and are trying to compete hard in the market to gain maximum share and woo new customers. While several people still choose to buy Apple iPad, there are several other cheap tablets in the market that are available for fraction of a price and deliver the same performance. If you are looking to buy a tablet for your young child to help them in learning, it is best advised that you first compare tablets not just in terms of money but also in terms of the features and value for money. Some of the best tablets that you can purchase are:
Akash was create with the idea of bringing digital technology to school and to help the children get hand on a computing device at an affordable rate. It is touted to the cheapest tablet ever. Designed for education purpose only it is completely manufactured in India. The tablet features a 7 inch screen and it weighs just about 350 grams so that it is easy for the students to carry the device in their school bag. The device is powered by Android OS and it supports Wi-Fi connectivity. It also has two USB ports and has a 2GB flash memory. For additional memory you can use a microSD card up to 32 GB. The tablet comes loaded a wide range of educational apps and features that are meant to make learning easy and fun.
Funbook Alpha
This tablet runs on the Android OS and is manufactured by Micromax. The first thing that would impress you is the sleek and compact design of the device. The tablet allows kids to download various applications from the Android Store and it also has a camera. The HD screen provides an amazing display output that makes reading text easy for the students. Besides, it is easy on the eye too. For people who cannot to buy a kindle yet want to give their kids a device that makes reading interesting from them, Funbook Alpha is an excellent alternative.
Google Nexus
Nexus is another excellent choice of budget tablets for parents that would help their kids in learning better and more efficiently. Apart from the affordable price of the device, Nexus deserves credit for its excellent design and built. Several users often compare the performance of Nexus with the Apple tablets. The best thing about having a Nexus tablet is that you get all the latest updates from Google. Besides, there are literally thousands of applications available on the android store for the students.

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