Best Lawyers In UK: What’s The Fees?

Best Lawyers In UK What's The Fees

In the UK, you can bring forward a personal injury claim without having to pay any legal fees upfront or during the claims process. You can also speak to a solicitor about your accident without any obligation and for free, to find out more about your legal rights and to get better informed, prior to making a claim for financial compensation.

Below, we have provided information on how to choose a good lawyer, and what costs are involved in making a personal injury claim:

Choosing a Lawyer

Any lawyer you approach should have relevant case experience, and a track record for successfully processing claims. They should also work for a reputable law firm, preferably one that has been operating for several years.

You should also be comfortable speaking to the lawyer in question, since you will be in contact with them throughout the claims process. You might also like to request a lawyer of a certain gender, if your injuries are sensitive.

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Getting Legal Advice – Costs

The cost of getting legal advice should be nil. Most lawyers charge nothing for an initial consultation whether it is on the phone or in person. The legal advice you receive should also be offered without any obligation whatsoever.

The best way to get fast legal advice, is by calling an accident helpline that is operated by a law firm. You will get to speak to a claims advisor about your accident, and get answers to all your claims-related questions quickly in the comfort of your own home.

Processing an Injury Claim – Costs

Personal injury claims are processed under a ‘conditional fee agreement’, otherwise known as a ‘no win, no fee agreement’. Under such an agreement, the claimant has no fees to pay upfront or during the claims process, or if their claim is unsuccessful.

‘No win, no fee’ was introduced into courts in England and Wales in 1995, through the Courts and Legal Services Act 1990. The purpose of ‘no win, no fee’ was the level the legal playing field for everybody, so that anyone could get access to justice.

Potential Costs of ‘no win, no fee’

While ‘no win, no fee’ protects you from paying your own lawyer’s fees should your claim lose, you may still be billed by the other side. The other side’s legal fees might be several hundred pounds, or in high-profile cases, several thousand pounds.

However, it is common practice for something called ‘after the event’ insurance to be provided with a ‘no win, no fee’ agreement. This eliminates the risk to the claimant, since it will cover their costs if their claim is unsuccessful.

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