Benefits Of Frugality

The United States is burdened by trillions of dollars in debt.  An unstable economy has brought hard times to a people accustomed to success. Why is this? A portion of the problem can be chalked up to a concept know as frugality. Frugality incorporates discipline with success. The United States is considered the leader of the free world and the home of the world’s largest economy. However, the stomping ground of all 49 of the Super Bowl Champions and the nation with the first footprint on the moon is also branded as the most indebted country in the world. If the US wants to end this economical slump, the American people would be wise to consider the words of Aesop, the ancient Greek fabler, and the lessons he offers on frugality.

Aesop told the story of a goose that laid golden eggs. Everyday the goose would lay one egg of pure gold. However, the owner grew impatient with having to wait on the goose. Expecting the goose to be filled with gold on the inside, the owner killed the goose. Of course, the goose was no different than all the other geese once the owner killed it. The owner’s greed left her with nothing. She lacked frugality – frugality that was necessary for reward.  Perhaps one reason people lack frugality is due to the fact they wish to “’get rich quick.” Success does not happen overnight. Rome was not built in one day. Frugality is critical for ensured success. In order to remain Frugal, you must use coupon codes, For example if you’re purchasing from Backcountry then use Backcountry coupon code to save up to 20% on your order.

Another popular Aesop’s Fable is that of “The Crow and the Pitcher.”  A crow is searching for water on a hot day and sees a pitcher with water in the bottom.  As he stretches his neck through the pitcher his beak is unable to reach the water.  But he does not relent.  The crow begins to drop; stones into the water making the water rise and allowing him to quench his thirst.  Unlike the lady with the goose, the crow had the patience that allowed him to conquer his goal.  Little by little he worked and little by little he succeeded.  Similar to the crow we can learn that little by little is what it will take to benefit.  By working hard and saving money – these little steps are part of maintaining frugality.

The last example is that of “The Grasshopper and the Ant.”  As winter approached the ant stored up food while the grasshopper played around.  When the time came the ant was prepared while the grasshopper was ruined.  Again this story shows that hard work, patience, and planning ahead are keys to success.

One can take the ideas of these simple fables for practicing frugalness and thus reaping benefits.  As a college student spending for pleasure is limited as one must pay for tuition, textbooks, housing, transportation, and food.  However, if I use the ideas from the Aesop’s Fables I can save money and have money down the road for necessity and pleasure.  For instance, benefits from frugality can be as simple as purchasing new attire for a big job interview.  By looking professional and sharp that new outfit could help one acquire a valuable job position.  One could also save for a more pleasurable adventure such as a trip to another country or a new car.  Hard work and careful planning is the essence of frugality.  To reach success discipline in these areas is essential.  The benefits of frugalness are not limited as the more one saves the more freedom one has.

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