Beauty Tips For Perfect Looking Skin

Tons of beauty websites have countless makeup reviews, but all the makeup reviews in the world can’t help if your skin is not ready for makeup. Korean beauty products can help to cover up flaws but the very best option is to try and clear up your skin so you get a truly beautiful finish. Here’s how you can help your skin to have that flawless finish you’re looking for.

Top 10 Ways to Clear Up Your Skin

  1. Regularly change your pillowcase. Make sure to change your pillowcase every week to keep the bacteria at bay.

  2. Don’t touch your face. Your hands have a lot of germs and bacteria on them, so when you touch your face throughout the day, you are bound to break out.

  3. Avoid eating greasy foods. Regularly consuming greasy foods puts a lot of toxins into your system. The greasy food will cause your skin to act out and you’ll see acne flare-ups more often.

  4. Clean with salicylic acid. If you are prone to acne, salicylic acid can become your best friend. Rinse with it twice and day and don’t forget to keep moisturized!

  5. Wash your face before and after exercising. Sweating is great because it rids the body of toxins but if you don’t remove this from your face, the bacteria will just get into your skin. If you’re going to be sweating, make sure you can wash your face!

  6. Go easy with the makeup. Makeup, when caked on your face, can block up your pores and keep them from being able to breath. Opt for the more natural look and your skin will be thankful.

  7. Wash before you wash. Always wash your hands before you wash to avoid spreading germs!

  8. Take it easy. Stress can cause your skin to look really angry, so try to keep your stress levels down.

  9. Exercise. If you can find the time to exercise twice a week, your skin and your health will greatly improve.

  10. Use a different towel. Never use the same towel you use to dry your hands to dry your face. Instead, have a face towel and a hand towel.

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