Basic Attack Tactics For Clash Of Clans

Clash of Clans is a very popular video game that has been developed for the Apple network and can be downloaded from the Apple App Store. The game has been designed to be played in iPad, iPhone and iPod and is one of the most downloaded games in the app store. The game has been developed by SuperCell and is a combat strategy game that can be played with and against other players on the web.
There are a lot of attack strategies that can be used in the game depending on the style of the player, but there are a few basic attack tactics that will be helpful to newbie’s and experts alike and we will look at a few of them in this short write up.
Basic Attack Tactics to be used in Clash of Clans
Wait for your army camp to fill up. This game gives a lot of importance to patience and one needs to make sure that he or she is patient to win the game.
Before you commence your attack let the army camp fill up to its max and then plan your attack.
Always queue up troops in the Barracks. Barracks will keep training troops as long as you queue them up. By queuing up troops for training you will make sure that the time is not wasted while you are searching for a village to attack. Even if your army camps are full, queue the troops as you will have a full army camp when you come back from your battle.
Get the right mix of troops in your army. For an army to be effective, you need to mix it up with different troops. Never have an army that is full of one type of troops as it will not be effective. Identify the speciality of each of the troops and use them wisely and plan your concentration of troops according to your attack plan.
Be aware of what lies inside your Clan Castle. Clan castle troops are additional troops that are available apart from the normal army space that is you have. It is important to be aware of what comes out of the clan castle to help you prepare your plan of attack. If you don’t know what lies inside the clan castle you may not be able to plan right.
Know the strength of your army. If you don’t’ know the strength and weaknesses of your army, you will never be able to plan out a good attack. There will be a lot of villages that will be available to you to attack and only pick the ones you feel your army will be able to destroy.
Plan your resources. When you plan your attack, make sure that you prioritize your needs. You need to know if you are looking for gold or elixir or black elixir or if you need both gold and elixir. The numbers of troops that you need to use for the attack depends on your target and therefore plan well and execute the plan properly.
Never miss free resources. There will be a few inactive or abandoned villages that will have lots of resources in them. If you find any such village, loot all that is possible to increase your resources.

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