Automatic Hand Dryers – Purchase Points To Ponder

It’s common to assume that all automatic hand dryers are pretty much the same and so there’s little reason to overthink things when the time comes to make a purchase. In reality, however, this really couldn’t be further from the truth as even here in the UK alone, there are literally hundreds of different brands retailing thousands of very different hand dryer models.

Of course in most instances they’re created to do exactly the same job in the same environments – hence why it’s natural to assume they’re all the same. Nevertheless, when you delve a little deeper into how they do their job and the benefits they offer, you begin to see the glaring differences from one model to the next.

Automatic Hand Dryers – Purchase Points To Ponder

So with this in mind, what follows is a brief introduction to just a few of the most important points to consider prior to picking up any number of hand dryers for any purpose across the board:

1 – Location Consideration

First of all, it’s a good idea to remember that all hand dryers are somewhat different in terms of both how large they are and how much space they need in which to operate effectively. From proximity to other units to height to wall distance and so on, you need to make sure the models you choose are in fact suitable for your chosen location. Look beyond the size of the unit itself to think about where the user will stand and anything else that may be in the vicinity at the time.

2 – Noise Levels

One of the most commonly overlooked yet seemingly obvious considerations of all is that of noise – as in how much noise the unit will make and whether it will become a nuisance. Some hand dryers…usually the cheaper ones…are far noisier than others due to having been assembled for the lowest possible prices. As such, these don’t tend to make the best options for use in close proximity to meeting rooms, examination rooms or any other quiet areas of any kind. Think of the unit’s location in conjunction with its noise output and surroundings.

3 – Frequency of Use

Another important consideration to factor in is that of exactly how frequently and for how long the hand dryers will be used on a day to day basis. If, for example, the dryers are likely to be used on a relatively constant basis, day and night for pretty much every day of the year, you’re going to have to invest in a high-end product that’s built to last. If bycontrast it’s only likely to be used a half-dozen times a day on just a couple of days each week, you’ll probably get away with something a little less heavy-duty.

4 – Environment

A hand dryer located in a bathroom of an elegant restaurant is unlikely to be exposed to the same kind abuse as a dryer used constantly on a large, busy and dirty factory floor. As such, it’s a good idea to think about where the dryer is likely to be used in order to assess how durable and rugged it needs to be, or how elegant and sophisticated should it be called for.

5 – Power Consumption

In a financial sense, perhaps the single most important consideration to bear in mind is that of exactly how much power the unit is likely to consume on a daily, weekly and monthly basis. The reason being that while some dryers may be incredibly cheap to pick up, there’s a good chance they’ll consumer far more power and prove to be a financial drain over time. By contrast, a more expensive unit has the very real potential to amass huge savings on an on-going basis.

6 – Guarantees and Aftercare

Last but not least, hand dryers are the kinds of investments that should be made only once and then forgotten about for many years to come. They don’t last forever, but they should certainly come with some form of guarantee that they will not fail before their time and will carry on doing what they do without breakdown or failure for the long-term. In addition, it’s also important to know that when and where things do go wrong, an aftercare service is provided by the brand or retailer to make sure things are handled quickly and efficiently. Most will make it abundantly clear how far their aftercare services go, but if in doubt, be sure to ask.

Automatic hand dryers can bring any business a world of benefits – it’s just a case of making sure you choose the best dryers to begin with.

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