Animals and Their Symbolic Attributes

The things a person does and the things an individual likes reflect what kind of personality that particular person has. Among the things that we like, the most of concerned is our choice of pets and animals. These animals have their own symbolic attributes, thus which animal you like, reflects your personality. This does not only apply on the physical existence of the animal but also on their pictures. If you are surfing the internet finding for images of animals that you like, then this might say some things about you. Here are some of the examples of animals and their symbolic attributes.
As for wild and huge animals like bears and lions, here are their symbolic attributes. If you are someone who likes bears, you are more likely to be ambitious or a dreamer type of person, thoughtful and someone who wants to protect others. This is said since bears hold the symbol of introspection, authority, patience and confidence, of wisdom, but also of solitude and some sort of need for retreat. On the other hand, as it is considered as the king of the jungle, people who like lions are deemed to have a strong character. Lions have symbolic attributes like power, courage, wisdom and authority, but they are also a symbol of royalty and dignity. Most of their fanatics are usually people who have authority and sometimes those who are rich and wealthy.
Other than wild and huge animals like bears and lions, domestic animals like cats and dogs also have their own symbolic attributes. Many individuals like to search for photos or pictures of these animals since they are closest to humans and even considered as the man’s best friend, at times. We all know that these animals are the most loved by humans. People who love cats are known for their mysterious appeal, for being picky and most of all, being intelligent. Such personality is reflected because of the symbolic attributes a cat has.
Cats are symbols of independence, wisdom, balance and sensuality, but also of protection and love. Well, as for those individuals who love dogs, their character might clash with cat lovers since the dog’s and cat’s symbolic attributes are opposed from another making them disagree with some things. Dogs are considered as symbols of fidelity, loyalty, cooperation and communication, but also of obedience, intelligence and protection. Being so different from cats, their human lovers also have kind of opposed personalities, since liking both cats and dogs is something not very easy to do.
However, regardless of the animals we like most, we always enjoy looking at images of animals, especially at more artistic ones. We find them enjoying like pictures of animals with captions to view since they give us a great piece of entertainment that only animals could do.

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