All That You Need To Know About CE Testing

CE testing Texas

CE testing refers to the process of testing so as to ascertain and verify that the products the manufacturer intends to offer for sale in the market have met the European Economic Area (EAA) environmental, health, and safety requirements. Any manufacturer based in the United States has ability to market in the European Union, which is largest economic block in the world. EAA is even larger because it comprises the 27 European Union (EU) members and the additional EFTA (European Free Trade Association) countries, Norway, Lichtenstein and Norway.

Why is the CE Testing important?

CE testing in Texas is very important for those who want to sell their products in the European Union. There are various European directives which specify that only products that have the CE mark can be sold in the region. The responsibility of applying the CE mark is vested upon the manufacturer, the authorized representative of the manufacturer, or the importer in the event the manufacturer is not physically located in the EEA (European Economic Area).

All That You Need To Know About CE Testing

According to EAA regulations, it is the responsibility of the manufacturer to:

> Carrying out conformity assessment

> Set up a technical file

> Issue an EC DoC (Declaration of Conformity)

> Affix a CE marking on products

In some of the products, compulsory CE testing must be performed by a neutral body. Although there is no obligation to perform testing on simple machinery and electrical appliances, it’s important to ensure that your products manufactured in Texas undergo this important testing.

Even for products in which CE testing is not compulsory, manufacturers can have it done voluntarily. CE testing is important and it is done to verify that the product meets the quality standards. The CE mark certifies that the product has been designed and manufactured in accordance with the safety and health requirements set by the EU. To verify that their products meet the quality, safety and health standards, manufacturers are encouraged to conduct their own independent testing.

CE testing will authorize the manufacturer to affix a CE mark that certifies compliance of the product with the European Union legislation, and allows free movement of the products in the EEA. By undertaking CE testing and affixing a CE mark on the product, the manufacturer is making the declaration that on their sole responsibility, their products conform to all the legal, safety, and health requirements.

These regulations prompt importers in the European Union to insist on evidence that your products have gone through the required CE testing. This is because the regulations require importers in the area to verify that manufacturers outside EU have undertaken all the required CE testing steps.

How can you get CE Testing in Texas?

If you need independent CE testing in Texas you should ensure that you hire professionally qualified companies who are authorized to offer this service. Remember that all the manufacturers who want to sell their products in the EEA have an obligation of verifying the presence of a CE marking and the other required supporting documentation. After the products have been tested you will be issued with EC DoC (Declaration of Conformity) which certifies that they have met the required testing and can now be sold in the said markets.

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