A Guide To China Dolls

China dolls are among one of the handful of popular dolls. In fact, many Asian women and girls enjoy and love to dress up and design themselves to look like a china doll.
That said, it is important to recognize that many of these doll designs take their inspiration from ancient cultures, and that dressing in a similar manner is paying homage to the past as much as it is about looking like a doll.
However, for some, it has even become a part of their everyday lives.
It’s not for a special occasion or a big event that is going on when they dress up, but to them it’s just another day.
It is no wonder, as the China doll is very beautiful and especially realistic and usually shows almost no imperfections.
However, there are many things people question when either buying or seeing a China doll. Some of the below things may have come across your mind.

What Gives It The Look

Their realistic features come from the glazed porcelain which they are made out of. Some dolls only contain very little porcelain whereas others are solely made of glazed porcelain.
However the extensive detail that is in every doll makes them unique in their style and realistic features.
The detail that artists put in dolls take a tremendous amount of time thus their look and at times value are high.

Why Are They So Popular

Many may be questioning as to what is so special about China dolls.
Most of them were produced in Germany back in the 19th century and some in France and the United States.
Today most of them are made in China. People buy them as either true collectors and as valuable additions to their collections and others buy them just to add some decor to their homes.
In fact, when it comes to collectable dolls in general, these are among the most sought after and valuable in the world.


So you’re probably wondering how one recognizes the authenticity of china dolls, and whether or not the doll is a replica.
Well, when the antique china dolls were made in the late 19th century, the artist often put a unique mark on or inside the shoulder area to identify the doll as authentic.
Today most authentic china dolls come with a certificate of authenticity.

Are You Considering To Purchase One?

If you are on the hunt for a China doll or are even considering building your own collection, be very careful before you purchase as there are people trying to sell replica dolls as authentic.
Searching online is not always the best idea as you don’t really know who you’re buying from.
If you are serious about buying and collecting china dolls, you might consider attending a trade show where more serious collectors will be found.
As with anything, always do your homework and learn as much as you can before going on a new venture as a small mistake can cost you.

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