7 Things Successful Managers Never Say

If you want to be successful in your field and stand out for all the right reasons, you need to start paying attention to the things you say. Talk isn’t cheap; it can make the difference between being seen as a positive, effective, confident person and giving the impression of failure. When you talk, people listen – are you saying the right things? Or are you making the mistake of using any of these seven phrases?

1. “I’m Too Busy”

If you are faced with an interesting opportunity you can make time to get involved. Saying you are too busy is another way of saying you are not interested. If you want to get involved, you will somehow find the time and you don’t need to tell people how busy you are – just get the job done.

2. “We Can’t Do It”

Saying the word “can’t” gives a particularly negative impression of you and your company. There is always a better way to say that you are not focused on a particular service or product, apart from outright saying you cannot do it. If there is a need, maybe you should be learning how to meet that need.

3. “We Don’t Do That”

Similarly, if you are repeatedly saying to potential customers or clients “our company doesn’t do marketing/video production/after sales” then you are either branding yourself incorrectly, causing people to assume you offer a certain service when you don’t, or you are missing the opportunity to take advantage of a need in the market.

4. “I Don’t Know How to Do It”

I don’t know how to do it. Full stop. A negative shutdown of possibility. In business, you learn what you need to know in order to improve and progress. You can’t know everything, and the business world is constantly changing. There will be many occasions when you need to say “I’m learning how to speak French/design apps/improve my website.”

5. “I’m Not Good Enough”

The Corporate Toolbox says, in order to be successful in business or personal aspects of your life, you need to believe in yourself. Put yourself down and people will believe you. You don’t need to be boastful but you do need to have healthy self-esteem and display it.

6. “Let’s Meet Up Soon”

If you want to pursue a business opportunity or get to know someone better, schedule a time to do it. Don’t use a filler phrase like “we must catch up soon” – it gives the impression that you are less than genuine. If you don’t want to catch up, don’t say you do. Be open and genuine to attract genuine business opportunities.

7. “I Don’t Need Sleep”

Or rest, or hobbies, or time for family. It’s a mistake to let work completely take over your life. Sure, you need to work hard, but without a fulfilling family life or personal life you will end up dissatisfied and burned out in the long term. Make time to sleep, eat properly, exercise, and spend time with the ones you love. Your business will thank you for it.