7 Steps For An Effective Steam Bath

Have you ever been so exhausted and nothing seemed to work to relax your body? If yes, then definitely you need to try Sauna bath. Sauna bath relaxes the body and brain, improves your blood circulation, revitalises your skin and even helps in certain joint pain like arthritis and blood pressure.

It also helps in releasing body toxins. How? The body gets rid of toxins either through kidneys or through the skin. Skin is the biggest source of toxic elimination and steam bath is the best way which opens your skin pores and liberates your skin from those toxins. It simply works by increasing your blood circulation, opening your pores and make you sweat all those toxins out of your body.  Also, some steam rooms use certain oils to help you relax, release tension and reduce stress. All you have to do is sit, lie down and just enjoy.

  1. Hydrate yourself and stretch

So, when you go for a steam bath, prepare your body by drinking a lot of water. Sweating can cause dehydration.  Do light stretching and loosen up your body. Stretching helps in increasing blood circulation and thus makes the steam bath more effective.

  1. Don’t eat

No, no. Eat but don’t eat before an hour you take a steam bath. Food makes your body feel bloated and you wouldn’t want to feel de-energized when you go to take steam bath. Even when you go swimming it is recommended to not eat at least before an hour.

  1. Take shower

Taking shower helps the body to get the natural temperature. It is better if you take a warm shower before the steam bath. This helps in removing the surface dirt, oils and makeup from the skin making the process of detoxification more effective and making you look more radiant.

  1. Wear light cotton

The less the better. The lesser clothes you wear at steam bath, it will be better for the skin to release toxins from the skin. Wear an absolutely light cotton towel while you take a steam bath. Do not wear any metal or jewellery in the bath.

  1. Take your Time

Do not rush into the bath. Take your time and relax. The motto of having a steam bath is to relax and get rid of the toxins from the body. If you begin to faint or feel nauseated or your heart beat increases leave the bath immediately. One should always take time and let your body adjust to the temperature difference that is experienced in the steam bath. Take 10 minutes bath. Then take a few minutes off the bath and then go back in for another 10 minutes.

  1. Relax and Focus on breathing

You can sit or lie down, whatever you want to do. The purpose is to relax your body. Clear your mind of your stress and tensions and enjoy the time you spend in the bath. Meanwhile, you should try and focus on your breathing. Breath in through the nose and breath out through the mouth. This is a great way to release all the stress.

  1. Cool slowly

Don’t jump straight into a pool. Cool your body in normal air for 10-15 minutes and let your body adjust to the different temperatures. Drink plenty of water to keep yourself hydrated.

Know Your Steam or Sauna Bath

It is better to know your steam or sauna bath facility beforehand.  Always go for a prefabricated steam room with instructors who can guide you on how to use a steam and sauna bath.  Instructors also tell you when you can use a steam or sauna bath and when cannot. It is advised to not take steam or sauna bath during pregnancy. Similarly, people suffering from heart problems, diabetes, epilepsy should abstain from using steam and sauna bath.

If you think of getting a home steam room then make sure that you get it installed through a trusted person and learn about how to safely use it, temperatures and maintenance. Similar goes with sauna heater installation

So you’re ready to enjoy the relaxing and stress releasing steam bath and get all those toxins and tensions out of your body.

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