7 Helpful Safety Tips For Newbie Motorcycle Riders

Safety Tips For Newbie Motorcycle Riders

Motorcycle driving is always an exciting experience. In fact, motorcycles are regarded as the best toys for adults. But motorcycle driving is very risky as well. In 2015, 4976 people died in motorcycle crashes and 88000 people got injured. If you are a new motorcycle rider, you need to ensure you are well prepared and always drive carefully. Here are 7 tips that will make you’re a safer driver:

1. Always Wear A Helmet

Don’t be overconfident about your driving skill and think that no accident will take place. The motorcycle accidents are more fatal when the riders are not wearing helmets. Head is the most affected part of our body in any kind of accident and you must protect it with a quality helmet.

2. Always Inspect Your Bike before A Ride

Pre-inspection of your bike is a great way to lessen the chances of accidents. Check the shaft, chain and belt that keeps your motorcycle moving. Checking the brakes is a must. Checking the condition of the tires is also recommended. Knowing the tire pressure is important for the rider.

Check out the tires for leaks, glass, screws, nails or anything else that might stuck in your motorcycle’s tires. Having Bridgestone motorcycle tires lessen the chances of accidents.

3. Wear Footwear With Great Traction

Roads can be slippery for rain, snow or anything else. Wearing a shoe with good traction can help you have better control of your bike in case it slips.

It’s important that the shoe that you wear grip the road well.

7 Helpful Safety Tips For Newbie Motorcycle Riders

4. Adjust The Looking Glass and Always Keep An Eye on It

New riders often forget to adjust the looking glass before starting the motorcycle. So, after starting the bike, they adjust the looking glass with one hand and this can be a major reason for an accident. To know how far the vehicles behind you are, you need to keep on the looking glass as often as you can. Always maintain proper distance from other vehicles on the road.

5. Take Formal Training

Before you hit any busy road, it’s recommended that you take a formal motorcycle driving course. It’s a great way to learn all the basics and practice a lot to hone your skills. Motorcycle training schools normally offer step by step drills to make you a seasoned rider.

6. Avoid Bad Weather

Especially on a windy and rainy day, try to go for alternative ways of transportation. Because windy and rainy weather makes driving a motorcycle more challenging than a regular day.

7. Always Have Best Parts For Your Motorcycle

Do not invest in low-quality motorcycle parts. It will increase the chances of accidents and increase the cost of maintaining your motorcycle as well. bikebandit.com is a great place to find a wide range of great quality motorcycle parts online.

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