7 Flirty Summer Dresses You Should Copy Now In This Summer 2017

Flirty Summer Dresses

Dresses are an essential part of every fashionista’s wardrobe. Besides bringing out the girly part of you, rocking them during the summer season enhances that summer-ish feeling. However, before settling in one suitable type, expect a thorough search. This should involve looking extensively considering the various factors that determine the choice of dress, especially during the summer season. You should not worry however as there are limitless types and varying designs of dresses.

For a fun and flattering look, invest both time and money in finding the perfect dress. This should be a slow and steady process coupled with various selection criteria. Without much ado, it is of immense importance to mention the various categories and types of summer dresses for women possibly available in the market.

Type of Dresses For Summer

1. Casual dresses

Besides the normal office look, always have a backup that brings out the fun part of you. This is by investing in the casual dresses. It is a perfect way to shake up your weekend wardrobe due to their easy to wear state. Most of the casual summer dresses for women are maxi-dresses with intriguing texture. They offer a better alternative to the casual jeans and t-shirt tops.

2. Social Dresses

Shopping for the women’s special occasional dresses ascertain a dazzling entrance to any social event. Some examples of these dresses include gowns that certainly sparkle unlimitedly and cocktail dresses that enchant without apologies.

3.Summer Dresses

These are relaxed and laid down dress type that enhances attitude and comfort. Finding a perfect summer dress can be quite challenging. This invokes the use of various guides and consulting several fashion enthusiasts.

4. Maxi Dresses

These are perhaps the most modern and versatile style for every days’ choice. The provide a casual, dressy, sexy and figurative enhancement of your overall appearance. There are various types of the maxi dresses, which can be categorized according to color and design. Besides, the current fashion aficionados and experts keep releasing a new design of the maxi dress almost every dawn. From the black, uni-colored, white and the florals, you will certainly not miss a type.

5. Office Or Wear To Work Dresses

These dresses are designed to provide a sensational look at the office or beyond. They are made from a myriad of eye-catching colors, prints pops and cuts to enhance their look. Rocking this type of dresses to work makes everything flawless.

6. Jumpsuits And Romper Dresses

Jumpsuits are undoubtedly among the most trending wear of the season. Designers have gone ahead and incepted the jumpsuit designed dresses in the market. Like the predecessor, they are causing ripples in the market too. They are a captivating dress alternative with a free-flowing style.

7. Mother Of The Bride

These are stunning and utmost sophisticated dresses for the mother’s big day. There are various options available from these dresses. They include the floor-length dresses, jacket dresses, beaded dresses among other variant and intriguing types.

Having mentioned the various dress types available, it is important to highlight the best summer choice selection for women available. Some of the top 7 flirty dresses include:

7 Summer Dresses to Copy

1. The Retro-Inspired Polka Dot Dress

It is a perfect summer dress choice. Top-heavy women would prefer a classic halter neckline. This is what this dress provides. It has an adjustable neckline that offers utmost comfort. Coupled with the various imprints, you will certainly fall in love with this one. Besides, it is an affordable dress.

2. The Blousy Top Dress

Showing off a little skin during the summer shouldn’t be a big deal. After all, it is a summer time, time to let go the stressing and chilling conditions of the spring and winter. That said, consider the blousy top dress. There are various choices including the sexy shoulder cut-outs. It is also a good dress for accommodating a large bust.

3. The Maxi Dress

As mentioned before, it is a body-skimming dress with utmost body display. Rocking this dress is a perfect way to unravel your natural figure and curves.

4. Two-fer dresses

The two-fer dresses are undoubtedly the masters of illusion. They are made of sheer fabric coupled with a pop of color on the top. This distracts from the bottom area finished by the solid, dark skirt.

5. Shirt Dresses

These dresses are gaining immense popularity due to their roomy and comfy nature. Configure the waist line to make a figure-hugging dress by tying the belt.

6. The Silhouette Dresses

They are a suitable choice for plus-sized women. It is a perfect choice for unraveling the beauty figure and shape that comes with being plus-sized.

7. Hawaiian Prints

These dresses are everywhere this summer. They have a clinched waist making them comfortable. They also have a pleated skirt that creates utmost flatter.


Various other dress choices can be copied for the 2017 summer. However, note that your dress choice augers with the intended event or activity. This will make everything sensible.