6 Ways Of Selecting The Best Cloth Fabric For Your Company

6 Ways Of Selecting The Best Cloth Fabric For Your Company

Uniforms play an important role in projecting an image of the company. In the corporate world today, a uniform has become almost synonymous with the trends and traditions today. A uniform becomes an integral part of the personality of the company’s workforce if the right selection is made about the design, color and fabric of the uniform to suit the image which the company wants to project for itself. Along with all other factors like the right fit etc., it is very important to choose the right fabric for the uniform of the workforce.

The fabric that is used in the manufacturing of uniform at Total image is of supreme quality and this is one of the reasons the company has managed to serve some of the best brands in the area for their uniform needs.

1. The Fabric should be of Good Quality

An average quality fabric used for the uniform may project a not so good kind of image of the company. Hence it is very important to choose a good quality fabric for the uniform.

2. It should Gel with the Designing

Certain kind of fabrics do not go well with official kind of uniforms and in such a scenario, even if more money is spent on the purchase of the fabric for the uniform, the finished product may not come out well.

6 Ways Of Selecting The Best Cloth Fabric For Your Company

3. Should be Suitable for Work Environment

The fabric for the uniform has to be chosen as per the work environment in which the workforce is going to use it. The office wear and the uniform for the marketing team has to be made of a sophisticated and smooth fabricwhereas the fabric for the factory workers should be tough one which can withstand the harsh working conditions.

4. The Color of  the Fabric is Very Important

Every color which is used for the uniforms has its own distinction. Normally dark blue, black, grey and lilac colors are used in uniforms but to make it distinct, the companies do go for corporate uniforms Sydney in different colors and styling to suit their business as well as to make their staff look different from the routine.

5. It has to be Comfortable

Depending on the weather conditions, the fabric has to be chosen with great care so that it is very comfortable for the staff and the workers to wear it. Since they have to wear it every day of the week, anything not very comfortable, would create resistance to use.

6. The Fabric should be Long Lasting

The uniform is something which is going to be worn and washed very regularly. Hence its quality should be such that withstands these pressures and still last for a long time because it may turn out to be a costly affair for the company to keep replacing uniforms frequently.

The consultants present at the Total image group offer complete customization with respect to the customer’s needs. This way the customer can also give their inputs for designing the uniforms.