6 Surprising Health Benefits Of Making Origami

6 Surprising Health Benefits Of Making Origami

It has been centuries since Origami has been developed, and until now, people still use this art.

This is not a surprise considering how exciting this art is that it has even reached several countries already.

But what makes this even more popular is the fact that it offers a lot of benefits, particularly in our health. 

Somehow, the process of folding and creating those images helps exercises are the brain and brings some sort of relaxation.

But before we go deep further on the benefits of Origami, let us define first what Origami is. 

What is Origami

Origami is best defined as the art of paper folding.

The name is derived from the Japanese words “ori,” which means folding and “kami,” which means paper.

All it involves is folding a flat sheet of square origami paper to create figures without needing to cut, glue, or tape. 

According to experts, Origami has lots of benefits to an individual other than gaining the skill. Below are some of them: 

Enhances Awareness and Focus

One of the significant benefits of doing Origami is that it increases one’s awareness and focus.

You see, when you are doing Origami, you have this guide on the proper way of folding the paper to create that design you want. One wrong fold and you may not form the figure. 

This is how it enhances your focus. It also makes you attentive as you concentrate well with your folding.

It is also a great way to engage in focused attention meditation, and as you learn it by heart, it somehow gives you a sense of calmness. 

Lets Go of Self-Judgement

Origami may be a form of mediation, but it can overwhelming for beginners. More so, if you proceed with the more complex models.

Sometimes, it can be not comforting, giving you that signal to tell yourself that you can’t do it. But this should not be the case.

Origami teaches you to let go of self-judgment. Instead, it would be best if you believed in yourself that you could do it, as long as you give yourself some time. 

Please do not proceed to the harder models immediately, but do it slowly, starting with the simplest.

You might be disappointed with the first Origami you make, but do not let this stop you. Let go of the desire to be perfect and do not criticize yourself.

Instead, try again. 

Helps Manage Stress

Stress can come in many different aspects of our life. This can be because of our kids, our partner, work, generally, anything.

By doing Origami, we engage both our minds and hands, creating that calming effect. 

Why? This is because we are more focused on what we are doing now, making us forget about things that are causing us stress.

Also, that feeling of finally being able to build that shape gives you satisfaction, which helps relieve symptoms of stress. 

Improves Fine Motor Skills

This is already a given since we use nothing but our hands and fingers to change a flat piece of paper to a figure.

As adults, we may no longer enjoy this benefit, but it is beneficial for developing children. By skillfully moving their fingers, they will find it easy following rhythm.

Some studies say that our peripheral nerves are at our fingertips. Thus, this activity also helps exercise the brain. 

Develops Imagination and Creativity

Who would have thought that you can turn a simple flat piece of paper to almost everything?

With Origami, children are encouraged to use their imagination as they start folding the paper. 

If you are a teacher or parent, it is a great exercise to show them how to fold without telling them how the final product would look.

Try to make them guess on their own. You will be surprised at how wild the imagination of children can grow. 

Builds Self-Esteem

As mentioned earlier, Origami can be hard for beginners. But once you get past your first try, you will start feeling that you can do anything.

This is very helpful for children who have very low self-esteem.

You see, self-esteem is not only limited to how you look. It also sometimes involves the ability to conquer something or show their skills. 

With Origami, children can get creative. And as they continue to do this, it helps bring out more confidence in them as they finally see their potential. 


As you can see, Origami can benefit adults and children alike.

It helps adults manage stress through meditation and relaxation, while it helps promote creativity and skills to children growing up.

This is probably why Origami is still practiced, most notably in Japan. If you have not tried this yet, make sure you check a buyer’s guide to get the best-quality paper. This way, you will enjoy your experience better.

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