6 Immunity Boosters To Use This Winter

Easy ways to avoid illness and create a healthier immune system for the winter season

The temperatures are getting lower each day as fall is in full swing and winter is right around the corner. Many people look forward to these seasons for many reasons, but fall and winter have their downfalls as well. One common annoyance that people have with the colder months is the fact that it is more likely that they will get some sort of illness. It is called cold and flu season for a reason, but there are ways to avoid being a part of the majority who gets sick every year.

There are a lot of great ways for people to boost their immunity for the winter months. Many of these tricks are easy to work into any lifestyle and even compliment many of the common activities associated with wintertime. Try out one or all of these methods to boost immunity and stay healthy all year long. Here are six immunity boosters to use this winter.

Get Enough Vitamin D

Many people get enough vitamin D during the summer months with sun exposure. However, it is difficult to get the same amount of sun exposure in the cold winter months that are more gray and cloudy and less sunny and clear. Find other ways to get enough vitamin D by taking a supplement or eating more vitamin D rich foods like fish and spinach.

Utilize Spices and Herbs

There are a lot great healthy benefits to certain spices and herbs that not only make food taste better but can also improve immune defense. A few great options include garlic, ginger, and turmeric. Add these spices to any normal dishes or even drink warm tea with those elements to create a comforting and healthy winter drink. These are common items that are easy to incorporate into any diet anytime of the year.

Drink Enough Water

It is still true that most people don’t drink enough water every day. A good rule to follow is drinking half your body weight in ounces of water every day to maintain a healthy body and healthy immune system. Drinking enough water ensures that the body will be constantly flushed of toxins and immune-attacking viruses. This amount of water also keeps the metabolism high and helps promote high energy levels.

Get More Sleep

Even more true than the fact that people don’t drink enough water is the fact that most people don’t get enough sleep. Most people require around 8 hours of sleep to function normally, but most people only get around 6 hours of sleep each night. The best way to make sure that the body has enough time to recover and build immunity to face each new day is to get enough sleep each night. Keep sleep apnea at bay with CPAPMan.com and try to cut back in caffeine intake.

Maintain Daily Activity

Most people are very good about engaging in a lot of physical activity during the warm summer months, but they can get outside and enjoy the nice weather. However, many people engage in little to no activity during the winter months because of the weather. To keep immunity levels high and improve your mood, aim to partake in some physical activity every day. Many people like to join a local gym to find time to work out indoors, or take part in an indoor basketball league. Another idea is to find an outdoor winter sport to do regularly, like playing hockey or downhill skiing. These activities can bring enjoyment to those who participate in them every day and help them maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Reduce Stress Levels

It may seem unrelated, but stress affects almost all areas of health, including immunity levels. Keeping stress levels low is the best way to stay healthy overall and avoid getting sick throughout the year. Take account of the common stressors in your life and how those things can be avoided or dealt with to reduce the amount of stress in everyday life. Stress is a common occurrence in everyone’s life, but many people find it easy to control and asses once they have the right tools needed to understand what causes their stress.

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