5 Ways to Protect Your Teeth This Christmas

5 Ways to Protect Your Teeth This Christmas

Christmas is just around the corner and the preparations are well underway for the festive day, even if it is going to be a little different this year. However, with all the food, drink and late nights it can take a real toll on our oral health. To ensure you can protect your teeth this Christmas, here are 5 top tips for you.

  • Ensure you Brush your Teeth at Night

The festive food and drink that you have throughout the day can linger in your mouth and cause decay to build around your teeth if you leave it there overnight. This is why it’s important to brush your teeth both in the morning and before you go to sleep.

You should make this a routine throughout the Christmas period, and even all year round if you don’t do so already. Doing so can protect your teeth in the long term and ensure you maintain long term oral health for the future.

  • Brush well

If there’s one way you can help yourself to maintain healthy teeth, ask a close friend or family member for an electric toothbrush this year. It can help to clean your teeth thoroughly and is known to be far more effective than traditional brushing.

You should aim to brush twice a day and use toothpaste that has a fluoride level greater than 1450ppm. It helps to prevent teeth from cavities and to ensure that it helps protect your teeth, you should spit instead of rinsing your mouth so the fluoride doesn’t wash away.

  • Eat and Drink within Moderation

With the festive food only being around once a year, it can be easy to really indulge in all the Christmas food and drink has to offer. The problem isn’t necessarily how much you eat, however, it’s more to do with how often you eat and the acid attacks that you apply to your teeth. 

If you can resist, try to avoid constant snacking and only eat treats during your mealtime only.

  • Use a Bottle Opener 

If you have a party trick for opening bottles with your teeth, avoid this one, particularly at Christmas. Similarly, avoid using your teeth to open peanuts or snack bags as it can cause trauma to your teeth and bring damage to them.

If for whatever reason you do happen to chip, break or crack a tooth you should aim to contact your dentist Altrincham-based as soon as possible. They’ll most likely be closed over Christmas so aim for an appointment when they’re back open. 

  • Make a Cheese Board!

After all the indulgences of Christmas are done, don’t forget to display the cheeseboard for everyone! Cheese is a great food to help neutralise the acid on your teeth and prevent tooth decay occurring. Cheese also helps to promote saliva forming in your mouth which can help the body to maintain a healthy PH level. Cheese can also help to form a protective layer on your teeth which protects the acids attacking tooth enamel.

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