5 Ways Reinvention Can Motivate Change

According to Department of Labor statistics, many careers presently in demand currently were not in existence as little as six years prior. Contrary to the 1950s, the average person changes job roles and careers on average 6 times within their lifetime.
5 Ways Reinvention Can Motivate ChangePeople also change residences around 12 times and long term relationships around 3 or more times during their lives. Much of the change that people experience is due to employment, income, change of heart and family situations that arise. As a result, people become more motivated to reinvent themselves to accommodate these situational circumstances.


One of the main factors that motivates changes for people is their career standing, such as through a merger or when employees come to a plateau and find themselves either in a rut or being passed over for advancement opportunities.
As a result, people decide to reinvent themselves as consultants or change careers entirely and become small business owners. Other circumstances can include divorce or familial responsibilities. For many people, the process is exciting yet can still be very daunting.
Below are four methods to consider in motivating change through reinvention.

1) Self Appreciation and Validation

Too often, people forget about all the work that preceded the point of transition. Congratulate yourself for your achievements thus far. The reality is that without that life experience, there is a good chance that many people may have not reached the point where they are willing to confront change and transition into a more quality life.
While many people wait for others to give them gifts, one way to validate yourself is to obtain something of symbolic value. Much like a recovery chip in a 12 step program, a nice piece of jewelry can serve as a milestone and a reminder to be true to your purposes and goals.
Whether you purchase an article from online jewelers like www.superjeweler.com or peruse shops at your local mall, keep in mind that it is not about how expensive, but the meaning that counts. For instance, a personal promise ring, bracelet, necklace or other item that appeals to you can be a constant reminder of what has been accomplished and where you are headed in your life.

2) Develop a Support System

Most everyone who has ever accomplished their goals has indicated that a great deal of their success was the result of good mentorship and support. Therefore, being surrounded with positive people that serve to inspire you is essential.
Otherwise, it is too easy to succumb to negativity which invariably presents itself, often from well meaning associates.
Instead, deal with the people who provide solid, workable advice with a healthy dose of encouragement. Read and listen to materials with motivating quotes as often as possible to stay focused, active and engaged.

3) Goal Planning

In order to keep on track, it is important to set out goals in a quantifiable form. Devising a simple personal development plan that continually prompts making the right choices can be used to direct the trajectory and help gain momentum.
A key part of the process of making consistent and continual change happen is ensuring that goals and appropriate actions are taking place. This also makes it possible to readjust the plan as necessary to keep all goals tangible.

4) Life Purpose

When embarking on a new journey of reinvention, consider what the reason is for the change. It is much easier to understand why you want something so that you can set about figuring out how to achieve it.
For instance, if a goal is more based upon what someone else believes or wants, it is probably time to examine how to adapt the situation into your own intention. Otherwise, you risk many stumbling blocks and the possibility of self sabotage, since the motivation behind the change belongs to someone else rather than yourself.

5) Self Reflection

Sometimes it can be difficult to spend time with oneself without the outside voice of others. However, this practice can help you to get to the person you have always wanted to become. Truthfully, underneath all of the perception of others lies the real you with all of the potential in the world.
People have been reinventing themselves at higher rates than ever before in history. As the world and circumstances continue to change, it is important to stay fluid in the approach to reinvention.
Whatever the reason for reinvention may be, celebrate, commemorate with meaningful jewelry, and understand that every roadblock is an opportunity to discover new ways to deal with situations, while also adjusting goals to meet personal needs.
Jamica Bell is a freelance writer who contributes this article to highlight the impact reinvention can have on motivating change. During her research she found www.superjeweler.com to be a very helpful resource for individuals in search of jewelry to mark a special occasion.
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