5 Tips To Make Your Air Conditioning More Energy Efficient

Your air conditioning system is the modern luxury that cools down your home and family when you really need it.  This summer has been one of the hottest one record so I bet you’ve really appreciated the benefits you’ve been given by this technological marvel.  But here’s the down side.  Air conditioners get less energy efficient as time goes on, especially when they’re not looked after as they should be.  Some of these problems can’t be avoided, but there are other issues caused by allowing, dust, dirt and grime to build up.  These problems can be prevented so long as you take care to properly maintain your system.

Annual Tune-Ups

You really need to book your annual tune-up before the summer kicks in.  Most air conditioning companies offer annual maintenance services in order to keep your system as energy efficient as possible.  During a tune-up the technician will tighten all the electrical connections, lubricate the fans and clean the system.  They’ll check the coolant levels and identify potential problems and fix them before they cause the system to break down.  Similar to how a tune up on your car improves your petrol usage – a tune up of your air conditioning will make it more energy efficient.

Change the Air Filter

The air filter in your air conditioning system collects airborne pollutants and particles that have the potential to damage your system.  If the filter is not regularly changed, it will get clogged, meaning the air moving the handler will be restricted.  This clogging is damaging to your system.  It will put a strain on it and it will then run efficiently.  Change the air filter every month to protect your system and keep it energy efficient.

Clean the Return Air Ducts

As well as changing the air filter you should also clean the return air ducts.  When they get clogged with dust, dirt and lint they restrict the airflow and strain your system, meaning your air conditioner is running much less energy efficiently.  Every time you vacuum your room don’t forget to give these ducts the once over.  This will ensure your HVAC unit receives adequate airflow.

Clean the Duct Work

Even if your home is brand new, your duct work could be dirty.  Construction debris and dust will naturally collect inside there.  There also might be a coating of droppings, germs and other debris inside them left by little visitors!  When you turn the air on, fine particles drift into your home and lower the quality of your indoor air.  They also drift back in the other direction and begin to hamper your air flow.  You’ll need to have these professionally cleaned in order to improve the quality of your indoor air and keep your system energy efficient.

Clean the Outside Compressor

You also need to keep your condenser coils and compressor clean.  If you invest in professional services for you annual tune up then the technician will do this for you, but you’ll still need to clean around the system when you are able.  Keep the area two feet around your unit free from any grass, weeds or old leaves.  You should also not store anything near the outside of the compressor, because if anything blocks the air flow it will make your system less energy efficient.

The best way to ensure that you enjoy an energy efficient air conditioner is to buy a new unit that has been Energy Star rated, but that’s not something that everyone can necessarily afford.  Luckily, a new unit is not needed for you to improve your energy efficiency.  Just make sure that the unit you have now is as efficient as possible by following our tips.  Do your bit to help the environment, save yourself money and keep your family cool in the hot summer months by taking fantastic care of your air conditioner!