5 Tips For Picking The Perfect Wedding Ring

5 Tips For Picking The Perfect Wedding Ring

Your big day is coming up for your wedding day and you set the standards too high with your engagement ring. You have got to pick something spectacular now so here are just five tips that can help you pick the perfect wedding ring to make everyone go “wow”. 

Do not leave it until the last minute

Think about it, you do not want to leave this last as this is arguably the most important part. You need to ask your other half what the perfect material is for him/ her and then begin your quest. Do not leave it to the final week like those assignments you had back in college. 

Give yourself plenty of time to look at multiple options and make sure you have plenty of time to go revisit those rings. Another thing that you might want to keep in mind if you are having it is engraving. This can take up to a month, sometimes even longer so make sure you are prepared for the wait. 

Reduce the number of options you have early 

Like mentioned earlier, find out what your partners favourite material is. Then find out whether or not they want a gemstone with it. Emerald rings are not cheap however they are beautiful if your partner likes them so make sure you double-check with your partner. 

Asking your partner what they want will reduce the number of options you have in the shops and save plenty of time which you can spend on planning decor or sorting out the catering for the wedding venue. 


Established the budget with one another. You do not want one person to spend £5000 and the other spends £1000. Simply because the person who spent the least amount will forever feel guilty, even if it does not bother the other half that much. 

Setting yourself a budget means that you will not be looking at vintage engagement rings that are out of your price range. Limiting down to a budget is exactly what you need to help reduce the number of choices you have. 

Find out what your partner likes and wants

Remember, this ring is going to be on their hand for a very long time so make sure you know exactly what they like or else it could a disaster. You need to find all the important details about what they like about rings as this could be on for their lifetime. 

If you are looking to surprise your partner then there are ways around it. Getting one of their friends to take them looking at rings is a start.

Do not overthink it

You know your partner better than anyone so whatever you do, do not overthink it. Overthinking is a lot of time and you need that overtime to plan for other things for the wedding. Once you find out all the details about what they like, then go for your gut instinct when you see that ring. 


Relax, you have got plenty of other things to do and worry about from sorting out your guests to wedding vendors, so plan early for the wedding rings and you cannot go wrong. Good Luck! 

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