5 Tips for a Better Smoking Experience

When it comes to striking up the perfect light, you want to enjoy every last inhalation. It doesn’t matter if you’re smoking tobacco or cannabis, you want to make it great. Here are five of our best tips to assist in enhancing your smoking experience.

Inhale the Whole Way

If you are fairly new to smoking, then it’s likely that you’re not inhaling fully when taking a hit. It can be hard to get used to such a big inhale at first. However, make sure that your lungs are filling up completely. This is going to get you the best high possible from your hit.

Check Your Strain

Various cannabis strains are known for having different effects on the body. Indica strains are more known for treating conditions like anxiety, pain, and sleeping problems. These strains tend to dull the mind. On the other hand, Sativa is a strain that is known for a more energetic mind and a more fulfilling high. Check the strain that you’re smoking and see if you should switch to a different type.

Make Sure It’s Ground up Good

You’re going to want to keep some weed grinders on hand so that you can always ensure that your stash is well ground up. When it’s ground-up properly, there is more surface area to burn. This will result in a better high as more of the herb will be lit during your inhalation.

Have a Drink

Beer contains ethanol which has been shown to enhance the effects of THC. THC is the drug inside of marijuana that gets you high. So, go ahead and crack open a beer the next time you’re going to have a hit. It will allow you to have a more euphoric feeling. Just be careful how much you drink because everyone’s limit with cannabis is a bit different from the next person’s.

Alter Your Routine

The mind tends to formulate a perspective about a frequent experience we undergo. By changing up the place you get high, the time of day, or even the music you listen to, you can alter your perspective. This can change up your high feeling so that you can enjoy a new feeling. Try changing up little things and then go to bigger things if you don’t feel a change in your high.

Getting a better high is all about taking a look at what you’re currently doing and improving it. You can change up your physical actions, your equipment, your surroundings, and so forth to enhance your current high. The above are just five of the many methods you can use to get a better high.

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