5 Social Media Tips For Students

5 Social Media Tips For Students

Today everybody is trying to maintain his online reputation. It doesn’t matter if you are in small business or you own a big brand or you are in college everybody is trying to manage their online reputation. ORM or Online Reputation Management can be a key factor in your future endeavors and you can manage it by a lot of ways. In this content we will cover few tips to manage online presence using social media. It’s basically targeted for students but anybody can follow these points to manage their online presence.

5 Social Media Tips For Students

  • Get Rid of any Negative Post

It might seem obvious but it can be really helpful. Try to get rid of any negative comment, post, picture or anything where you are tagged in. Anything which is against to your profile will leave negative impressions on your image. Employers, coaches and deans will judge you by the company you keep. They’ll track your profile and will try to understand you surroundings.

  • Set up Google Alerts

This is one another great way to stay updated with everything shared or posted about you. This way you’ll get updates every time when a picture been tagged or your name comes up in Google. There are a lot of celebs and companies that are doing this and you can get these alerts in your mail too. Just sign up for Google Alerts and you are ready to go.

  • Setup online Apps

Today there are a lot of apps that you can use to secure your social profiles. There’s one secure.me that works as an antivirus for your Facebook profile. They’ll keep track of your images, posts and all the public details, or you can hire an ORM agency to take care of your online presence.

  • Connect with Parents

This is something you would ignore most of the time but it is really helpful. Make a decision to connect with somebody whose opinion is highly valuable for you. It can be anybody from your parents to your class teachers. Keep one thing in mind that they all want you to be successful and it will help to keep you on track. It’s like staying safe. 

  • Drink & Drive

This is funny. You all have heard about drink & drive, this is something that applies here too. Stay away from your computer or mobile while you are drunk. This is the time when you update something and regret later.

These are the few points that one can follow to stay safe on social sites. Few points were funny but they are really helpful to maintain your online reputation. Stay safe & be online.

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