5 Reasons To Choose Frameless Glass Doors

5 Reasons To Choose Frameless Glass Doors

Door are like gateways to new places. A popular adage states thus‘when one door shuts, another one always opens! ‘

Back in those old days, you just had those standard wooden doors demarcating one room from another. Today, there are a whole horde of doors and various other designs that come with it.

There is a certain charm that comes from installing glass doors in a house. Apart from the door giving a very clean look to the room, it also seems to open up the space that is available and make it look a lot larger.

So, what are the 5 benefits of frameless glass door? Why do you need to choose them over all the other choices you have? Here is a look.

  1. Clear view& Cleaner LookThe view you get through a frameless glass door is unbelievably crystal clear! No sense of opaqueness, no colour and there is no need to open it up. What you see, is what you get! That’s the beauty of glass doors, really. The unblemished view that you get to see from there, you cannot get on any other door.
  2. No bulky frames anymore! With frameless glass doors, the need for a frame is completely omitted. So get used to seeing things crystal clear with no obstruction of frames lining the side of the glass. These doors are said to be more durable because there are no spaces for dirt and scum to get collected in.
  3. All-Weather help for you Frameless glass doors are now being built keeping temperature patterns in mind. These doors can trap in heat coming in from the outside, allowing the inside room to remain as cool as it was or as warm as it is.
  4. Can be accessorized easily Your frameless glass doors usually look best when kept simple. However, if you do want to go in for a dressier look, you have the option of decorating it with any design that you please, directly on the glass itself. These doors can also be accessorized with beautiful draw string curtains or regular curtains, in order to bring in privacy. Since these doors are made of glass and don’t have a frame either, any colour will suit it just fine.
  5. Aesthetic appeal is always something you will love
    On the whole, frameless glass doors give the room a spacious effect. Moreover, these doors can be placed anywhere in the room since obstruction of view wont be an issue. So you can maintain the overall look of the room, while still providing it with a sense of security.

Usually seen at commercial places such as airports, frameless glass doors are becoming popular fast in households today. Some, however are concerned with the security of the door being made of glass. Remember to only fit a temepered glass door during the choosing process, because they are much safer than normal glass doors. If these doorsdo break for a reason, they do not cause much bodily injury.