5 Reasons Why Braintree Boasts A Booming Rental Market


Did you know that the town of Braintree in Essex is one of the most popular places to rent property in the UK? This is according to a Rightmove survey, which reveals that Braintree is the most popular place to rent outside of Greater London. Braintree comes 10th in the survey, with the rest of the places being located in the capital. The survey looks at the rental market and shows that some properties are taken less than 48 hours from their posting on the market. Why is the place so popular? We reveal some of the reason why.

  1. Excellent Transport Links

Braintree is probably very popular because it has high-speed commuter trains into the capital, allowing commuters to work in London and enjoy life outside the capital outside of work hours. In spite of having great links, the properties in Braintree are priced at a little below the average. Braintree also has good links to Stansted and to the M11 for easy access to the rest of the country.

  1. Buy to Let is Popular

The buy to let market in Braintree is expanding, and many flats to rent in Braintree are let by property developers. As the buy to let market expands, more properties become available, which attracts more people into the area, which in turn generates more demand.

  1. Cheaper Rents

Braintree is cheaper than Chelmsford, and considerably cheaper than London where average rents easily top £1,000. It is certainly a draw for renters, whether or not they work in the capital, to be able to pay much less for a property than in other areas.

  1. Plenty of Amenities

And while Braintree may be cheaper than other places, it certainly does not lack facilities. There are many bars, restaurants, shops, gyms, leisure centres, health centres, and everything else you need to live well. There are even some interesting historic and cultural attractions in the town and within easy reach of the town.

  1. Good Schools

Braintree has some good schools in the town and the surrounding area, including an “outstanding” rated primary school and good choice in secondary schools. Braintree, on the whole is an attractive place for families who may be renting before they buy their first home, or individuals saving for a deposit on their first property. If anything, the appeal of Braintree to renters is likely to grow as more children grow up in the town and the surrounding area, and more amenities are created.