5 Garage Door Styles to Match Your Home Exterior Remodel

5 Garage Door Styles to Match Your Home Exterior Remodel

When it comes to home renovations, exterior upgrades may be just as important as interior improvements. The right exterior siding, design elements and style can help to improve a property’s curb appeal, a key element when it comes to determining market value. Finding the garage door that better matches either the planned or existing exterior decor is not a detail that you will want to overlook.

Tempered Glass, Clear and Full-View

While certainly not for everyone, a full-view garage door can pair well with many modern and post-modern design styles. A transparent garage can also be of benefit to those who own high-end, classic or exotic automobiles or who have a collection of cars they may wish to show off.

Standard Raised Panel

A true classic, the standard raised-panel style garage door is an ubiquitous sight in any residential neighborhood. Perfect for home and property owners who are more interested in blending in rather than sticking out, a raided-panel door can often be the perfect accent for creating a timeless suburban home.

Wood Overlay

For rural environments and homeowners who are going for a more rustic aesthetic, wood overlays can often be the best bet. A seemingly minor detail, a wood overlay is an accent item reminiscent of ranch homes. Professionals like  Plano overhead garage door installations have options for wood overlay that can match the modern chic farmhouse trend that is very popular right now. These type of wooden doors give your home a timeless feel that won’t be outdated in a couple of years.

Skyline Finish

Striking in its simplicity, a skyline finish pairs well with a number of more minimal exterior design schemes. The ideal accent for a new stand-alone garage, skyline finishes are often just different enough to draw the eye without distracting from other aspects of a home’s exterior.

Steel Overlay

Steel accents and overlays can provide a basic garage door with a more durable look. Home remodeling projects that aim to incorporate a more industrial look and feel can benefit greatly from a few well-selected steel accents. This style of door can also complement an eclectic exterior or a design scheme that draws upon diverse elements rather than a homogeneous decor.

The right garage door can have quite an impact on the overall look of a home. Finding and selecting a door that is better able to complement a redesigned or remodeled exterior can be an important part of any renovation effort. Finding a garage door style that will better match the rest of your home’s exterior remodel is never a concern that should go overlooked.

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