5 Most Common Challenges Faced By eCommerce Businesses Today

A lot has changed in eCommerce over the years with technology advancements. Online-based businesses have stiff competition from other similar sites. Also, eCommerce sites have to fight to gain and keep online buyers.

Add in the e-Market giants like Amazon, and it may seem like businesses have a lot stacked up against them. Yet, it isn’t the case, and online based businesses can achieve success online. It all starts with identifying and understanding the challenges online businesses face.

Here are five common challenges the eCommerce business faces today.

Not Focusing On The Right Products

It is easy to launch an eCommerce site, and in fact, you can do it in a matter of days. What catalog of products do you have in your inventory and do they fulfill consumers’ needs?

The solution lies in product personalization. Study consumer buying trends and provide better options. Offer a selection of related and complementary products. Also, go an extra mile and send out personalized emails. Give buyers on your email lists a heads up on sales on products that interest them works.

Not Using Digital Sales Platforms Enough

When talking about digital sales platforms, we mean smartphones, tablets, and apps. Most eCommerce sites focus on driving sales through their main websites. It means that they do not tap into other available digital options.

Digital platforms, including websites, contribute to over 70% of eCommerce total sales. Explore using the other digital sales options to generate more sales. If you are already using them make them more efficient. For instance, personalize apps as well as work on your website loading speed.

Not Performing Quality Check

An eCommerce site brings together different merchants selling diverse products to global consumers. Consumers buy products through the site, and the website should handle all issues.

Quality checks become important for non-branded merchandise such as custom-made products. Perform quality checks at different manufacturing stages to guarantee quality. Also, only work with reputable sellers.

Not Offering Diverse Payment Options

It does not matter whether an eCommerce site operates locally or globally. Every eCommerce site should offer diverse payment options.

Integrating various e-wallets to the site is necessary. It also helps in enabling better as well as free cash flow. Most online consumers prefer the Cash On Delivery (COD) payment method. Sometimes it may not be practical. An eCommerce site should provide selections of payment options.

5 Most Common Challenges Faced By eCommerce Businesses Today

Not Providing Effective Sales Support

The selling process does not end at the point where the buyer receives their goods. In fact, it starts right when a customer logs onto an eCommerce website. The process continues even after the buyer receives the product they have purchased.

50% of online buyers want access to personal support before, during, and after the sale. It may not be possible to offer personalized support in all cases. eCommerce sites should focus on providing detailed FAQs and functional customer support channels.


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