5 Careless Things You Should Never Do Online

With bosses and job recruiters browsing the social media sites of current employees and prospective hires, you have to exercise more caution online than ever. You never know what someone might find, even if you think that all of your photos and messages are private. There are just some things you should never do online, no matter how safe you think you are.

1. Don’t Air Dirty Laundry on Social Media

If you’re friends with anyone of the people you work with and you don’t have two accounts separating your professional and personal lives, be careful. The worst thing you can do is get into a fight with a friend, family member, or colleague right on Facebook or Twitter.

Getting pulled into drama is bad, but it happens. Try to avoid playing into it at all costs, especially if you’re not sure exactly who can see you. Most importantly, don’t start posting passive aggressive or accusatory messages. It looks bad on you and could lead to trouble at work.


2. Don’t Send Rants About Your Boss to Anyone

Ranting about your colleagues is understandable, and sometimes even necessary. Ranting about your colleagues in an email message or a private message that goes over the company network is inexcusable. There’s no telling what your boss or coworker might see, or when.

If anyone can use your computer system at all, there’s actually a good chance that they will see that scathing email you sent out to all your work buddies. If you work in the sort of atmosphere that makes complaining a common occurrence, maybe it’s time to think about a change.

3. Don’t Link Up Your Accounts

Linking your Twitter and Facebook accounts seems like a good idea. It’s efficient, it makes updating easy, and you say the same thing on both platforms anyway, right? Not necessarily. It’s easy to forget your accounts are actually linked together. You might inadvertently say something on Twitter because you think that your dad or boss or college professor won’t see it. Then it posts to Facebook as well, and you’re left with a messy situation.

4. Don’t Post That Picture

This is a given. If you have a questionable photo, don’t post it. Even if it took place five years ago during Spring Break, it can still get into the wrong hands. Anyone could come across it, and that could really harm your reputation. It’s embarrassing, dangerous, and stupid. Remember, the Internet never forgets.

5. Don’t Lie Online

Have you ever told your friend that you can’t go out on Saturday or called into work when you weren’t really sick? Your behavior online can easily give you away when you lie. If you’re taking a personal day or trying to avoid your buddies, stay off social media as well. Better yet, just tell the truth — otherwise your lies will find you out, as they say.

The things you do online can affect your life across all areas. What’s the most careless thing you’ve ever done online?

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