5 Car Mods That Offer The Most Value

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With the number of upgrade and customization options available on the market, you can truly design the car that you want. However, some modifications are going to be more worthwhile than others. Many car owners fall into the trap of doing expensive or unnecessary upgrades that could actually lower the value of their car. However, there are some modifications you can make that will improve performance and add value to the vehicle. Here are a few of them.

1. Brake Pads and Stainless-Steel Brake Lines

Although some people make the mistake of paying for fancy brake rotors, this actually won’t make a difference in your driving. However, getting a set of brake pads made for your type of driving will impact your driving quite a bit. Also, changing brake lines from rubber to stainless steel will make breaking easier than ever.

2. Replacing the Rubber in Your Suspension

Bushings are small rubber pieces designed to absorb vibration and noise in the suspension of your vehicle. Rubber wears out over time and, chances are, if your car is more than a few years old, you’re probably feeling it even if you don’t necessarily notice it at first. Replace the bushings with polyurethane ones and you’ll notice a significant improvement. This is just one example and if you’re looking for great mod ideas, internet forums are a good place to start looking for other modifications.

3. Adjustable Anti-Roll Bar

This is a modification that you’ll want to make if you cut tight corners and want to improve the stability of the vehicle. This bar connects both sides of the vehicle’s suspension and helps to distribute the car’s weight more evenly when you turn a corner. The nice part about this upgrade is that you can adjust the settings until you get the feeling that you want.

4. Get a Limited Slip Differential

Some cars will come with this feature, but most don’t and, without it, you’re going to feel like you’re driving with just one wheel. Many people spend a great deal of money on engine modifications to improve their horsepower. However, an LSD works by allowing your car to use the power that it already has. You’ll be improving the efficiency of the engine with just one simple modification. Make sure to check that your vehicle doesn’t already have one but they’re well worth installing. If you’re looking for other performance mods, you could check out a site like blacksmokemedia.com for ideas.

5. Good Shock Absorbers

Just like their name suggests, shock absorbers work by absorbing the shock that comes from driving over bumps or bad road and keep your tires on the pavement. They also help your car to feel more stable when you’re driving. Good shocks aren’t a huge expense when it comes to upgrades, but they’ll make a huge difference in comfort and drivability over time.


Although not all modifications are going to be worth the time and effort for some people, these are five of the ones that offer great value and will make a huge difference in your driving. No matter what you’re looking for in a vehicle, you’ll want to consider these options for an upgrade.