5 Best Jobs For People Who Love To Travel

If you’ve gotten sick of working a job that forces you to sit behind the same desk all week, then you may appreciate a career that lets you travel. These five jobs will definitely get you out and about.

Travel Nurse

5 Best Jobs For People Who Love To Travel

It’s no secret that nurses are in short supply and high demand. That shortage can work to your benefit if you’re trained and able to do the necessary duties asked of you in this profession. While you can always get a job at the hospital in your current city, the option to travel around the country moving from one hospital to another, city to city is also available to you.

Travel nurses temporarily fill open vacancies wherever they’re needed. It’s possible to care for a victim of a jellyfish sting in Hawaii one week and nurse a broken leg of a skier in Aspen the next. Operating, emergency, and labor nurses are always on high demand. As a travel nurse, you’ll work for a company that provides living arrangements, travel stipend, and a salary that is usually higher than what stationary nurses earn.

Flight Attendant

When you work in the tourism industry as a flight attendant, you have to travel constantly. That’s what the job is all about.

Flight attendants don’t spend all of their time on planes. When they have layovers or days off, they usually get to spend time in other cities. If you work for a major airline, you’ll even get to explore exotic places in other countries.
The best part: you don’t have to pay for travel or your hotel room.


Chefs have to spend a lot of time at their restaurants, but they also can travel anywhere they want. A good chef is hard to find, so you can find a job in practically any city you want. When you get tired of living there, you move on to a new place. You don’t need a spotty employment record to travel as a chef. Cruise ships need chefs who know how to prepare diverse foods. Once you get a job on a cruise ship, you can travel the world in style.


Auditors have to look through thousands of documents to make sure companies have kept accurate records. Even in the Internet Age, you can’t do that from a stationary office; you have to travel to the client’s location. Look for a large employer that has clients all over the country. That increases the chance that you’ll get to travel to new places.


Musicians have to hit the road to make money and attract more fans. As a musician, you get to decide how much you travel. If you’re like Bob Dylan, then you just tour constantly. His Never Ending Tour has had him on the road consistently since 1988. During that time, he’s traveled more than one million miles, and that doesn’t even include traveling to studios for recording sessions.
Which of these jobs would you like most? Can you think of other jobs that will give you plenty of opportunities to travel the world? Leave a comment below.

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