5 Amazing Decals For Cars

5 Amazing Decals For Cars

Having an amazing decal for your car can help you advertise your business or just look cooler than everyone else on the road. If you want something that will stand out and last a long time, turn to Club Ink for custom products. Club Ink can make beautiful decals for your car, truck, or other vehicle.

If you need a little inspiration that will help you design the perfect decal for your car, check out some of these amazing designs.

 #1: The Rent is Too Damn High Party

 5 Amazing Decals For Cars

Yes, New York really does have a political party named The Rent is Too Damn High. It’s led by Jimmy McMillan, an outspoken New Yorker who wants the world to hear his message. McMillan often uses humor in his campaigns, but he has serious ideas about poverty, employment, hunger, and, of course, how lowering rent in New York would help stimulate the economy.

Some people think he’s a joke. Others think he’s a visionary. Regardless, everyone gets a serious message combined with a few good jokes.

This full-care decal shows support for the Rent is Too Damn High Party. It even includes a picture of McMillan! How’s that for amazing?

#2: Sailing Decal

This decal, which is tiny compared to some of the others on this list, shows the car owner’s love for sailing. Even a simple car decal like this can express something special about a person’s life. Some people like to decorate their cars with political discussions. Others just want to head out into some calm waters to reflect on the day (under a beautiful rainbow, with any luck).

Either way, you have to call this decal pretty amazing for its careful attention and artistry. It isn’t big, but it’s effective and beautiful.

#3: Vanny Devito 

This has to be one of the most amazing decals ever made for a van.

First, it’s a great pun on Danny Devito’s name. You have to wonder who came up with “Vanny Devito.” It’s nothing less than brilliant.

Second, look at the detail that someone put into Devito’s face. It’s hard to tell in this light, but this doesn’t look like a professional job. Club Ink could have made the details truly pop in a way that would get even more attention. For a decal made by amateurs, though, this is fabulous. Whoever made it deserves a lot of credit for creativity.

#4: The General Lee

 Anyone who watched the hit television series, The Dukes of Hazard, in the 1980s will love this combination of car decals. This perfect replica of the Duke Boys’ car is in perfect condition. The General Lee and 01 decals look as authentic as those on the original car.

While this camera angle doesn’t make it easy to see, the car also has a Confederate flag decal on its roof. This helped name the show’s outlaw characters as southerners who didn’t care much for following the law. They made up their own rules, which often involved finishing serious business that the bumbling local law enforcement couldn’t handle.

#5: Decepticons Are Among Us

Expect this seemingly innocent car to transform into a murderous robot at any moment!

In case you’re too young to remember, the Decepticons were the evil protagonists of The Transformers. These robots could transform themselves into everyday objects, including cars, vans, and other vehicles. That made them a potential danger to people who never suspected that an innocent car would quickly turn into a giant, gun-wielding robot.

This car decal gives a shout out to the evil robots that wanted to take over Earth for all of its resources. Or perhaps it really is a Decepticon hiding in plain sight. Either way, this is a fun decal that probably brings a lot of joy to its owner.

If you want a custom decal for your car, you just have to go to the right source. Club Ink makes it extremely easy for you to get the decals that you want for your car. Start by uploading your artwork to the company’s website. After answering a few questions, the company will print vinyl versions of your art that will adhere to your car’s exterior. That’s really all there is to it. You could have your own amazing decal within days.

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