5 Advantages Of Using Athlete’s Foot Shoes

5 Advantages Of Using Athlete’s Foot Shoes

It may seem that both the feet of the person are identical but internationally, the studies have shown that the majority of the population doesn’t have identical size of the feet. The difference could be as huge as 55% from heel to toe in left and right foot whereas length of the arch could differ by up to 67%. So why should one buy the same size shoe for both the feet? Therefore many companies including Athlete’s Foot have started taking care of this aspect and therefore offering following advantages to their customers:

1.  Selling Mismatch Pairs

The company is selling shoes with different sizes for both feet so as to be able to give equal comfort to both the feet of the user. They are also selling regular pairs with same size for both the feet and also the shoes for the left or right foot separately. This way the customers get the advantage of getting customized shoes without having to pay for customization and there is no waiting period as well because the shoes are available in-house only.

2.  Shoes for People with Special Needs

Their range of footwear is also useful for persons with special need in footwear like the one suffering from polio or clubfoot. Also there are special shoes available for those with partial or full foot amputation.

3.  Perfect Shoes for the Runners

The runner shoes have to be specially designed keeping in mind the special needs of the runners as they are one of the most important gears they need to use in the sporting event and could be a big deciding factor in the performance and achievement of the runner. There should be good flexibility in the forefoot of the shoe. One should be able to flex the front of the shoe in the hand with little effort. The thumbnail should be around 1cm away from the front end of the shoe as the runners need space in the shoes for expansion because of the excessive movement and pressure on the foot while running. The runner should feel immediate comfort on wearing the shoe as though he can wear it for days together without taking the shoes off because they are the perfect fitting Nike shoes.

4.  Flat Foot Problem Taken Care Of

A majority of the people, around 70% of the population has flat foot. The feet of such people tend to roll in while walking. That’s why the company is making shoes in three types i.e. high arch, average arch and flat foot or low arch so as to provide the right kind of support to the feet of the user.

5. Special Shoes for Diabetic Patients

Those suffering from diabetes are always prone to problems in the lower extremities of the body because of the possible damage to nerves and blood supply. These kind of patients need to use footwear which ensure that the special needs of the patient are met and the company ensures that the shoes are very comfortable and meeting the medical needs of the user.