3 Top Places To Eat Out In Mexico

Mexico has occupied a space in the serious tourist’s consciousness for some time now, but more recently package tours to Mexico’s holiday resorts have inspired a new generation of travellers to sample some Mexican hospitality.
Mexican cuisine is well-known from nachos and fast food outlets on the high street. But sampling authentic Mexican fare can really make your holiday special – and provide a well-earned break from your package hotel’s all- inclusive buffet.
Here are three top restaurants to feed your soul on a package holiday to Mexico.
Mexico City
Restaurante Bar Chon
Mexico City is a great place to enjoy culture but also has some fantastic eateries offering Continental and Middle Eastern food. Restaurante Bar Chon is open six days a week (not Sunday) and offers a menu dating from pre-Hispanic Mexico, which is causing a buzz. The standard of cuisine is also high, making this a chance to sample Mexican cooking before the nacho took over Mexico and our high streets. This may not be ideal for the squeamish animal lover, but for around £10 you can sample kid goat, crocodile, wild boar, snake or armadillo. The palate is softened with luscious mango sauces – and a special aphrodisiacal pudding derived from the same tree as humble chewing gum. Bear Grylls meets Heston Blumenthal, and then some.

Captain’s Cove
You may have opted for all-inclusive board at your Cancun hotel, but with so many fantastic eateries in this part of Mexico, you really be spoilt for choice if you decide to venture out for dinner.  When in Mexico, eat like a Mexican – Captain’s Cove is renowned for its fish dishes cooked Caribbean-style, as well as seafood, steak and ribs. There is seating outside and your fish is so fresh it virtually swims into the kitchens. You can also eat lunch there – or light meals like omelettes and waffles, as well as snack-tastic pastries to keep up your energy levels when all that sunning gets too much.
Carretera Escénica s/n local 1-2 Marina Brisas, Acapulco
Acapulco is a honeymooner’s dream, so dining out needs to be an extra special experience. Zuntra offers terrace dining with a magnificent view of the sea – or a chic and stylish interior dining room if you prefer. Cuisine is a fusion of Mexican and Mediterranean with the occasional Asian twist, so there is nothing too scary for conservative palates. The restaurant has a sophisticated ambience, so expect top service – the dining deck with the spectacular sea views is perfect for holding hands and gazing intently. Music is chilled or carefully selected from a back catalogue of faves. Credit cards are accepted, so no clumsy fishing for pesos when the bill arrives is needed.
When eating out and about in Mexico in unknown back street restaurants, it can be quite easy to contract mexican illnesses from food poisoning. It’s all part of the experience, trying the local cuisine, however remember that hygiene standards won’t be as high as in the UK.
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