3 Overlooked Ways To Accelerate Your Career

Sometimes accelerating your career is not about whom you know or what you know. Instead, it is about what you do.
Market Yourself
When attending meetings, prepare beforehand. Obtain a copy of the meeting agenda and review it. Do some research on the topics to be covered. See what you can find on the company’s website or around the internet. Take notes on what you would like to contribute to the conversation at the meeting. Plan questions to ask at the meeting. Making your voice heard by management led meetings will keep your name in front of their minds when it is time to assign special projects, build new teams, or create specialized reports.

While attending meetings, sit close to the speaker. This shows that you are not afraid of being seen. It projects a sense of interest in the company. Clearly, someone who sits near the speaker will be seen more than those hiding at the back of the room.
When it comes to getting ahead in the office, forget about the old saying that nobody likes a bragger. You are trying to advance your career. Take the time to record what you do each week and how it helped the company achieve its goals. Make note of how you have exceeded your personal goals. Keep track of awards. At the end of each week, take the initiative to send a brief e-mail to your boss highlighting your biggest achievements of the week.
Keeping track of this information and sending it to your manager communicates many things. It communicates how much you care about your job and your employer. It shows how you contribute to your employer. Sending out these e-mails keeps your name at the forefront of your manager’s mind which will increase your chances of raises or promotions.
The old philosophy has been to keep quiet, work hard and hope someone notices. This philosophy no longer holds true. If you want to accelerate your career, people have to know you exist. Socializing does two things. First, it helps you learn information about the company and your position on an informal level. Second, socializing keeps your name on everyone’s mind.
Here is how to make socializing work for you. Hang out at the coffee pot or water cooler. People are more relaxed in this setting. Use this opportunity to pick the brain of those around you. Find out about other people’s daily responsibilities. Ask what they think future trends will be in the company and in the industry. Do your homework so that you can contribute to the conversation in an intelligent manner.
Use this information to give you a competitive edge when the manager asks for your opinion in one on one meetings. Having an informed opinion is better than no opinion or having a weak opinion.
Take advantage of any work parties or picnics. Introduce yourself to people in management that you have not previously met. Offer your name, department and a recent contribution to the company. This shows initiative and courage. Get to know employees in other departments. Learning about other departments may make a transition or a rank advancement in another department a reality.

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