3 Great Survival Birthday Party Ideas For Kids

Celebrating a child’s birthday is an important event for the child but also the parents. It signals another year of fantastic achievements in development. Children’s birthday parties can be a challenge to plan. The first necessary step before any plans can be made or even considered is to decide upon a budget. A small budget can go a long way; children are fantastic at employing their imaginations to entertain themselves. In saying this though children must be stimulated. Entertainment, entertainment and entertainment! It’s the only way to guarantee that your child’s birthday goes off with a bang. Children appreciate having something to play with rather than something pretty to look at. The following article shares four ways to insure that you get through the event without a scratch.

Schedule fun and games

Make a schedule and stick to it. Having ten or so little children in your care and under your control can be daunting so it’s important that you have a plan in mind. Ask your child what their favourite games are to play to get some ideas. You don’t need to plan down to the last minute but having a schedule will assist you in keeping the children occupied till pick up time. It will also insure you don’t skip any party essential activities.

Healthy can be appealing

The last thing you want is a group of children hyped up on sugar so you really need to think about what food you want to offer. Most children can be quite picky when it comes to food so it’s important to consider appearance. Fruit is a great way to offer children a sweet treat; it’s all about appealing to their eyes rather than their taste buds. Fruit plates with the fruit arranged in shape of a smiling face is a great way to execute this.

Get crafty

Do it yourself, a simple concept that can be utilized in most party planning activities. This can also be a great way to get your child or children involved. Some coloured paper and pens, glitter, envelopes and glue is all it takes to make your own custom birthday invitations and provide an afternoon of creative fun. Homemade invitations means you can save some money and also add your own creative flare whether there is a theme or not. Another DIY project is preparing the party games. The traditional pass the parcel and piñata remain the favourites of children parties. Making a piñata can be a tad time consuming as you do need to leave it overnight but the results speak for themselves. The objects needed are a balloon, newspaper, glue paste and paint if you choose to add some colour. You’ll need to inflate the balloon and then tie it off. This is then simply followed by putting layers of paper over the balloon by wetting the newspaper with the glue paste. This is then left to dry overnight. If you decide to paint it then do so before pooping the balloon, after doing this you can then fill the piñata with wrapped lollies. Pass the parcel is one of the simplest party games to make. All you need is some newspaper, small treats to put in each layer and a prize for the middle. You wrap the prize and then continue to do as many as you please, remembering to put a small treat in every layer so no one misses out.
Written by Jasmine Poole
Jasmine has a strong passion in DIY art and craft. Apart from sharing her inspirations on various blogs regularly, she also runs stalls at local markets, selling all stuffs hand made by herself. She is currently working on making custom birthday invitations for her daughter’s first birthday.

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