10 Ways To Have A Cleaner Home

10 Ways To Have A Cleaner Home

Cleaning doesn’t have to be something that takes forever. In fact, it can be quick depending on what you have prepared. Here are 10 tips to make cleaning easier (and quicker) for you.

Vacuum First

It surprises me how many people don’t know that vacuuming makes dust rise and fall back down, meaning that if you vacuum before you dust you are essentially moving around dirst/dust. Make sure to start off any cleaning day with a good vacuuming session in order to have the floors completely clean. This way, when you move onto dusting your house the dust will be gone instead of just be moved.

Don’t Rush It

So many people rush through a task and do a half-assed job instead of paying attention to what’s in front of them and performing it well. Instead of thinking about how much of a rush you are in, think about how much cleaner your house will be if you just take the time to think about what you are doing and clean well.

Don’t Forget To Dust

Believe it or not, there are lots of people who don’t dust as a part of their cleaning routine. How can you expect your home to look clean when you don’t get rid of the dust in it? Take the time (after your vacuum, of course) to dust your house and you will be satisfied with the results.

Steam Your Hardwood Floors

If you have hardwood floors investing in a steamer is extremely beneficial. For one, steamers aren’t too expensive (anywhere from $100 – $500. Secondly, they have been proven to prolong the life of hardwood. Not only does steaming hardwood floors prolong the life of the floor, but it also makes the floor look brand new.

Get A Central Vacuum Federal Way System

If you want to save time, live cleaner, and “go green” there is no better product to invest in other than the Central Vacuum Federal Way. Your vacuuming will be silent, and it will be so quick that you won’t even realize that you have been cleaning.

Swiffer Is Your Friend

Most people are familiar with the Swiffer commercials by now, and a lot of people have probably seen a Swiffer at someone’s house or a local store. Well, next time you see one I would strongly urge you to buy it. The investment is small, and the reward is huge. Who doesn’t like having dust-free floors?

Micro-Dust Cloths Are Life Savers

You can’t (or at least you shouldn’t) wipe your TV’s, monitors, tablets, or phones with glass cleaner but they are often the surfaces that can get the most dusty! The solution to this issue is to buy micro-dust clothes and use them notoriously.

Don’t Forget The Febreeze

The greatest finishing touch that you can put on any room after you’re done cleaning it is making sure that it smells great. Febreeze is perfect for this and it will last you a long time. An alternative could be purchasing one of those air fresheners that plugs directly in the wall and continues to provide fresh scents all day.

Restock Any Toiletries

There’s nothing worse than running to the bathroom and relieving your stress when midway through you realize that there is no toilet paper in the room. Make sure that you (or your friends) don’t have to go through this embarrassment and always keep extra toiletries laying around the bathrooms.

Get Some Domestic Plants

Okay, maybe this doesn’t have a whole lot to do with actual cleaning but this can help with the environment of your home. There have been studies that have proven plants being related to a “cleaner feeling” home. They don’t have to be expensive plants, and most stores sell them now a days, so why not give it a try? When surveyed, most people agreed with the study and said that having plants inside their home made the environment feel cleaner.