10 Things You Should Not Miss In The Caribbean Islands

Islands are always something people are excited about even before visiting them by just looking at the pictures. Caribbean islands are known for the perfect beaches and seafood they have to offer once you visit. If you are an adventure lover then the islands have a lot to offer with the number of things to indulge in. You can also pre-book your stay in a Villa in Caribbean and be assured of a pleasant experience. In this article, we will be listing things that one cannot miss when they are in the Caribbean Islands.

Things to do in the Caribbean Islands:

When we visit a place we search for things we can do and enjoy while we discover new things as well. Now, you need to remember that the food won’t be the same; the places you stay at would be different and so on. But everything will be a once in a lifetime experience and thus we will list the things to do when you visit the Caribbean islands:

  1. The Pitons: Your trip to the Caribbean would be incomplete if you do not visit the St. Lucia’s Pitons. These are two peaks that are identical to each other and are covered with greenery that would leave you mesmerized.  If you follow the trail through these peaks that are meant for hiking you will find views that are to die for. You can easily climb the tops if you have done some practice.

 10 Things You Should Not Miss In The Caribbean Islands

  1. Drive-In Volcano: It is not something we even dream of i.e. walking into a volcano but here you can actually experience that life. This is situated near the St. Lucia where you can actually drive till the top of the volcano. While you drive to the edge, you will find lava at the surface which is heating up. You cannot actually swim in the water beside the volcano since its steaming hot but a little down from the place it is accessible.
  1. Sculpture Park: If history excites you then this park situated under the water would be your heaven. This park consists of about 65 sculptures that are placed beneath the surface or underwater. You can reach the park by snorkeling or diving as per your relevance. The park is a must watch because of the close to real sculptures presented there.
  1. Barts: If you are in Caribbean islands you can always select an alternate way of landing down at your destination. St. Barts has its own airstrip with a spectacular view which allows you to land down there without having to fly separately. Flying through the dense mountains and forests, the plane lands in the runaway. But it is not for the light-hearted people making it once in a lifetime experience for some!
  1. Swimming with Stingrays: Underwater experiences are something that needs courage at the start but then become fun when you get acquainted. Now, swimming with stingrays is a dream till you actually have the chance to do it. You will be taken to a city in the Grand Cayman where you can feed, swim and even be friends with the stingrays under the crystal clear water.
  1. Dunns River Falls: Your vacation is incomplete if you haven’t been to all the falls and beaches in this island country. This ever so crowded park is known for the spectacular falls it has on top of Jamaica. You can reach the top of this place by climbing 180-meter long limestone tiers. You can also enjoy the pools from where the water flows down.
  1. French Caribbean Cuisine: Food is something you have to taste from all over the world to experience the difference and what soothes your palate. Now, in Caribbean islands apart from the seafood, you can also experience their fusion with the French culture. The famous beach resorts and restaurants have mastered these dishes that would keep you salivating.

  1. Bioluminescent Bay: Puerto Rico kept a secret from the whole world about treasuring an island with a bay that speaks magic. The Virgin island or Vieques showcases the bioluminescent bay which is a nature’s wonder. The bay lights up from under the ocean because of “dinoflagellates bouncing off” and thus producing light.
  1. Whale Watching: The Samana Bay is mainly known for the breeding ground for these whales. Now, whales are the biggest mammals present on our planet and quite beautiful ones as well. Now, no one wants to miss a chance to visit them during the season while they travel back to this place. If the season is perfect people might even get the glimpses or sounds of male humpback’s song which is done for getting the attention.
  1. Waitukubuli National Trail: If you are fond of some adventure then this will surely make your journey memorable. You can choose to hike the trail that is about 115 miles long and covers different segments. This trail has about 14 segments which complete the whole journey and thus you have a lot to cover. This is also called the Nature Island which has some of the most amazing eye-soothing views throughout the walk. Morne Trois Pitons National Park, a segment which is a heritage site as well making your hike even more exciting.

These are some of the major things that one should do when they visit the Caribbean Islands. You have to remember it is a vacation and some light adventure is a must during your stay. Do not miss the best things and choose the season ahead of time to get the best!

Seema Gurnani of Pandareviewz.com has submitted this article.

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