10 Most Popular Men’s Accessories

Men’s accessories tend to be pretty standard over a given number of years. Many of the latest accessories that men use today are in fact based on traditional male accessories like regular wallets, ties, suits etc. Probably, the only difference that sets the old apart from the new is their style, cut, quality and prints. But these too can make a big difference in a man’s appearance.

Below we look at 10 of the most popular men’s fashion accessories in 2013.


Fashion gurus are stating that trouser legs for men will remain at ankle height for another good season and so socks need to be good enough to show. Any old pair is not going to cut it. Today, the latest falkesocks are luxurious, with a bold splash of color which looks great when you’re completely suited and booted. The natural fibers are what make them fun to wear since they allow your feet to breathe.

The latest cufflinks

When a man wears well designed French cuffs it shows his dedication to a sartorial ideal. That said cufflinks add a sort of endless way for office going processional men to add a touch of personality to their dress. Many times a glimpse at these often whimsical looking accessories can help add a smile during a boring Monday finance meeting.

The pocket square

There was a time when everything men wore was inspired by Mad Men. Now even though things have calmed down quite a bit, adding a bit of retro to your costume is certainly a good idea. The pocket square is one example of this type of retro touch which can complete a good summer suit. The blue is certainly in for this season making the square a perfect accessory.

Key ring

Buying an expensive key ring may seem a bit frivolous. However, what is more important and valuable than the keys to your home? The latest key rings are designed with all types of bold colors, many also have a computer chip that syncs with your home’s security system, making them both high tech and fashionable male accessories.

Leather belt

There are few things that stand out more vividly than a well designed leather belt holding up a pair of casual summer trousers. There are numerous types of leather belts that seem to be high fashion accessories this year which include woven textured belts by Marks & Spencer, Gucci and Armani.

A high quality luggage tag

Many people find that the charm of travelling internationally has been rudely broken by stringent security in airports around the world. A high quality graphic tag will bring not only a touch of luxury to your travel but its rather bright color will enable you to easily see your carousel from a long distance. This is especially good for men who travel a lot and change their bags a lot too because of it.

O’Hara cuffs and tie

Casual tailoring style for summer means that you can get away with not wearing a tie but you’re still expected to wear one on some occasions. These slim stripped ties are right for almost all events, and their matching cufflinks means that you’ll look perfect in every way. Plus, the price is something that will appeal to most people.

A black digital watch

The latest digital watches by Casino and even Sony seem to have something new to offer. These watches have built in microprocessors that not only show the time but also weather, news alerts, email alerts. These watches are considered both fashion accessories and tech gadgets which is what is making them increasingly popular with men around the world.

Collar pin

Most men don’t think twice about their collar pin, maybe because it is so small. However a delicate and often colorful collar pin tends to add a bit of affordable finish to your clothes. It goes to show how much close attention to pay to dressing up and looking good.

A document wallet

This year it seems as though ‘Camouflage print’ for men is popular. An enveloped sized and style document wallet with this print will help you add a bit of style when you walk in for a job interview or meeting with your client. The neon touches and its clean lines make it look both modern and masculine.

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