10 Essential Branding Tips For Businesses

It’s hardly a secret that branding has the potential to make or break a business, but knowing you need to get it right and actually getting it right are two very different things entirely. When it comes to earning the trust of clients, the respect of peers and ideally the business of as many interested parties as possible, solid and effective branding could not be of greater importance. But while it always pays to speak to a brand promotion agency in London with regard to your ideas and direction, there are nonetheless several key tips to keep close to mind throughout the process.

Here’s a quick overview of ten crucial examples:

1 – Remember Who Comes First

There’s nothing more important that putting yourself in the position of the audience you are reaching out to in order to understand that it is not in fact you or your business that come first. You need to know who they are, what it is they need and most importantly of all, how they think. Only this way can you hope to be successful in your branding efforts.

2 – Establish Identity

What’s also of key importance is making sure that your branding efforts are tailored around your company’s core values, ethics and general way of doing business. If you’re successful in this area, you’ll be establishing a reason for your audience to choose you rather than your rivals.

3 – Market Position

Knowing where exactly you intend to position yourself in the market also counts for a lot when establishing your brand. Are you a super-premium entity that can and should be charging more than the average, or are you more inclined to undercut rivals with the cheapest products/services of all?

4 – Simplicity Sells

One of the cardinal rules to follow at all times – you don’t have to go OTT to make an impact or be memorable. In fact it’s quite to the contrary, as the simpler your approach to branding, the easier it will be for it to stick in the minds of those coming across it. From Apple to the ‘Golden Arches’ to Nike’s tick logo – all incredibly simple and unmistakable.

5 – Get Everyone Involved

In order to build every aspect of your brand as strong as possible, you need to make sure that literally every staff member is involved. They need to know, understand, practice and promote what you do and what you’re about – strongest chain, weakest link and all that.

6 – Map Out a Plan

Try not to grasp for unwritten goals in the dark as it’s much more realistic and rewarding to map out what it is you’re aiming for and then do your best to hit it. For both the immediate and long-time alike, make a plan for your branding efforts and stick to it.

7 – Remain Consistent

It’s important that you remain consistent at all times in order for your brand to both become and stay familiar and trusted. If, for example, you’re looking to be famed for low prices, you can’t suddenly start selling premium wares. Likewise, stellar service standards cannot be allowed to slip for any reason.

8 – Media Mix

Try not to get too bogged down with one specific marketing medium to such an extent that you overlook the benefit of others. The best approaches to strong branding always include a strong mix – web, print, visuals and so on.

9 – Analysis

It’s impossible to overstate the importance of constant and highly detailed analysis of the branding efforts you’re making for your business, as this is the only way of assessing what’s working and how consistent you’re being. There’s really no such thing as a brand that’s bulletproof once established – so many of the world’s biggest have fallen from grace spectacularly from time to time. There’s really no room for complacency or for making assumptions.

10 – Call the Experts

Last but not least, unless you yourself or a member of your business team is a fully dedicated and experienced branding professional, you cannot expect to bring your business wholly professional results. Branding is a hugely complicated business area and one that takes tireless dedication to even begin to get right. What’s more, it’s generally safe to say that you’ll get a vast amount more out of your investment than you’ll be required to put in, so never overlook the value of calling in the experts for a little advice at least.

It could be that the answer to the most effective branding strategy imaginable was right there at your fingertips all along.

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